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How to Change Facebook Password With or Without Phone Number, Email

how to change facebook password

How to change Facebook password? To keep your Facebook page safe from hackers, you should update your password on a frequent basis. Continue reading to find out how to change your password in a few simple steps. Raise your hand if you’ve been guilty of using the same password for many social media accounts.

It’s tempting to use the same password across various platforms, especially if you think your term has the proper mix of uppercase, lowercase, digits, and special characters to be impenetrable. However, if one of your passwords is ever compromised, each account that uses that password becomes susceptible.

The linked guide will show you how to build a strong password. Even if you use one of these methods, the best way to be safe is to change your password periodically. To learn how to update yours, scroll down. Check out our guide to the best password managers right now if you’re worried about losing track of your passwords.

How to change your Facebook password

What is the procedure for changing your Facebook password?

If you’re logged in but can’t remember your password, follow the instructions below. 

After changing your password, click Forgot your password? 

Follow the instructions to reset it. Keep in mind that you’ll need access to your account’s email address.

How Do I Recover My Facebook Account If I Don’t Have a Phone Number?

Once the code is entered, a password reset screen will display. Make a new password for the Facebook Recovery with Email and Phone Number account. People frequently forget their passwords after logging into their accounts but never having to log out.

They do, however, require a password to access their account at times. For example, if you accidentally changed your phone or logged out. The following is the recovery procedure:

Fill up the email or phone number

  1. The next stage is to successfully answer a security question.
  2. A code will be emailed to the recovery option you selected.
  3. On the recovery screen, enter the code for account verification.
  4. The password reset page will then be displayed.
  5. Make a new Facebook password and log in with it.
  6. It should not be difficult for you to regain your Facebook account without a phone number now that you know-how. If you want to make sure you never have to do it again, write down the password somewhere.
  7. Remember where you put it so you can check it later if you need to log in with your password. If you have any problems, such as not being able to recover your account despite doing everything, contact Facebook’s technical support staff. Unless it is impossible to retrieve the account, they will assist you in resolving the situation in a timely manner.

If that’s the case, you’ll have no choice but to start over with a new Facebook account.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1: How can I reset my password if I don’t remember my old one?

Right-click on Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu by clicking the Start button, then going to All Programs -> Accessories. You may accomplish this on Windows 8 by pressing Windows Key + X + A. Replace username with the name of your Windows account, and new password with the new password you want to use.


Q2: Without my phone number, how can I update my Facebook password?

You can quickly restore access to your Google email account if it is linked to your Facebook profile and bypass the confirmation code step. Simply log into your Gmail account using the option Use my Gmail account on the Reset Your Password page.


Q3: How can I view my Facebook password?

Open your phone and go to Settings > General. Scroll down to Google and tap it. Then navigate to the Security tab > Scroll down to Password Manager and press it. Now select Facebook. After unlocking it using your fingerprint, tap on the “eye” icon to reveal your Facebook password.


Q4:Without my phone number or email, how can I retrieve my Facebook account and password?

Facebook will be unable to authenticate your identity if you find your account but do not have access to the phone number and email address you provided. Enter the security code you received and select Continue if you found your account and selected a method for obtaining your reset code. Select Continue after entering a new password.


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