How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers Using 4 Quick Methods

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers? If your Joy-Con controllers are not charged then you can not play on your Nintendo Switch. It’s really heartbreaking to see the flashlight indicating that the battery is too low and the battery is about to die. This will ruin your mood because now you are unable to play your favorite Switch games.

Fortunately, there are some gadgets manufactured by Nintendo to keep the Joy-Cons charged. Apart from these gadgets, there are also some techniques used to charge your Joy-Con controllers. 

And if you are not for method of charging Nintendo switch contollers and looking for something else, you can go through with Nintendo User Manuals for better understanding.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

You can charge your Joy-Con controllers and Pro controllers by many different methods for Nintendo Switch. Here are all the methods for you to charge your controllers including the best chargers that you can buy. 

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers using joy cons

Methods of Charging the Joy-Cons :

If mainly you are using your Joy-Con Grips, then battery will vanish very fast. Fortunately, your Joy-Con controllers could be charge without using any extra accessories, only by following some of the methods given below: 

  • If you are using a console then attach your Joy-Con controllers on it’s both sides keeping the switch on and you will see a notification on screen indicating that your controllers are connected. 
  • You can your Nintendo Switch with the dock or you can directly connect the switch with the AC adaptor. In both cases make sure that the charging source is plugged into a power source or socket.
  • Keep one thing always in mind that your Joy-Con controllers will only charge when you keep them switched off by pressing the power button present on the top of the controllers.
  • According to Nintendo your Joy-Con controllers will take about three to four hours to get fully charged. Now to check how much charged your controllers are, go to the main menu of switch and simply click on the Joy-Con icon over there then you will get to see the current charging level of the controllers. 

How Can You Charge Your Joy-con Controllers While Playing:

If you want to enjoy playing your favourite switch games on your Nintendo Switch and keep your Joy-Con controllers on charging then here are some methods to do so.

  • First take a Nintendo console and connect it to the Nintendo Switch AC adaptor by plugging the  end of the adaptor into the USB-C present on the bottom of the console. So that it could reach where you are playing.
  • Now connect your Joy-Con controllers to the Nintendo console and enjoy playing while charging as your controllers will charge as long as your Switch is charging. 

Charge the Switch Using a Charging Dock :

The charging process is very simple if you are using a charging dock, it’s just you will need to leave your switch turned off. 

  • For using a charging dock, plug the cable of the USB end of the adaptor into the dock.
  • Now connect your Joy-Con controllers to the dock. Remember, you can connect up to 4 controllers to a charging dock. Make sure that the red lights are flashing on the top, it indicates that the controllers are charging and when the lights turn blue it means your controllers are fully charged. 

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers using charging deck

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How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers Using a Charging Case :

You can charge your Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con controllers connected to it all together using a Nintendo Switch charging case i.e. S-Charge. This charging case have a battery backup of it’s own. 

The steps to charge your Switch along with the controllers connected to it are as follows:

  • Use a charged S-Charge charging case and hot the power button present on the left side.
  • Now attach the Switch with Joy-Cons by lifting the flap up. On the top of the charging case, then close the flap.
  • Now go to the Switch’s home menu and tap on the Joy-Con icon. To visit the controller’s page which will be indicating that your Joy-Con controllers. Are charging if the controllers are connected properly.
  • So in this way you can charge your Joy-Con controllers for hours with thinking about charging. The charging case as the S-Charge has a battery. With more than double the capacity of a Switch.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

How to Charge Your Controllers Using the Charging Grip :

You can charge your controllers using Charging Grip while continue playing switch games on the television. The Joy-Con charging grip is designed same as Joy-Con grip, you can connect it to your switch dock. This way you can keep charging your controllers while using them for playing.

Step 1: Connect the Charging Grip to the Switch’s dock using the cable, now insert your Joy-Con controllers in the charging grip by opening the small slider present on the top of it and then close the slider after connecting the controllers.

Step 2: You will see your controllers are now charging and you can continue to play.

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