How to Check Purchase History on PS4?


It is important to keep track of the digital items you buy in the game world so that you can protect your account and see how much you’ve spent. Games, add-ons, and paid services are just a few of the digital things that PlayStation 4 (PS4) users can get. In the buying past, you can see a list of all the digital items you’ve bought.

If you’re a seasoned gamer or a parent keeping an eye on your child’s spending, it’s helpful to know how to see what you’ve bought for your PS4. Follow this detailed guide to take care of your game budget. It will show you step-by-step how to get to and look through your PS4 purchase history.

Purchase History on PS4

Before you can fully understand how to check your PS4’s buy history, you need to know what it is. This is a list of all the things you’ve bought from the PlayStation Store for your PS4. It includes games, downloadable content (DLC), in-game cash, and subscription services like PlayStation Plus.

When you look at your buying history, you can see information about past purchases, like when, how much, and what you bought. You can keep track of how much you spend on games with this.

Step-by-Step Guide For Checking Purchase History on PS4

You can easily see what PS4 games you’ve bought, and you can do it from the console or the PlayStation website. To see what you’ve bought in the past, do these steps in order:

Method 1: Using the PS4 Console

  • First, make sure your PS4 is online, and then turn it on. This will take you to the PlayStation Store.
  • Get to the PlayStation Store: From the PS4’s main screen, you can use the controller to get to the PlayStation Store.
  • To get to your account options, go to the PlayStation Store and scroll all the way to the top of the page. After that, pick “Account.”

how to check purchase history on ps4

  • Click on History of Transactions: You can see a list of everything you’ve bought by going to “Transaction History” in your account settings.
  • See More About the Purchase: The list of transactions shows information like the dates of the transactions, the items bought, and the amounts spent. To narrow your search, you can either look through the list or type in a date or type of transaction.

Method 2: Using the PlayStation Website

  • Start Web Browser: Open a web browser on your computer or phone and go to, which is the official PlayStation website.
  • Sign in to your account: That’s how you get into your PlayStation Network (PSN) account.
  • Go to the settings for your account: It’s in the top right corner of the screen. To get to it, log in and click on your picture.

how to check purchase history on ps4

  • Go to Transaction History: To see your transaction history, go to your account settings and search for “Transaction History” or “Purchase History.”
  • Look over the facts of the purchase: You can see what you got when you bought it, and how much you paid for it by looking at your buy history. Some tools let you look for or filter transactions to find the one you need.

Why Checking Purchase History Matters?

You should look at what you’ve bought for PS4 for many good reasons:

  • Following Your Money: Your purchase history shows how much you’ve spent and how much you’ve spent on games over time. This can help you find better ways to spend your money and smarter things to buy in the future.

how to check purchase history on ps4

  • Account safety: If you look at your purchase data, you can quickly see if your account has been used in a strange or unauthorized way. Changing your password or getting help from PlayStation support are two things you can do if you see any charges that don’t make sense.
  • Material Management: The buy history on your PS4 makes it easy to keep track of all the games, add-ons, and subscriptions that are linked to your account. It’s now easier to download things you’ve already bought or put your digital files in order.


Lastly, you should learn how to look at your PS4’s buy history so that you can keep track of how much you’ve spent on games, keep your account safe, and organize your digital library. You can easily and quickly see everything you’ve bought on the PlayStation website or on your PS4.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far back can I go when I buy something on PS4?

The history of sales on PS4 usually goes back to the day the account was created. Sure, the exact amount of time may differ depending on things like how often the account is used and the server’s room. Users can usually see everything they’ve bought on PSN going all the way back to when they first made their account. They can see a list of everything they’ve bought over the years.

Can I see what PS4 games and add-ons I’ve bought before?

Yes, people who own a PS4 can see a record of when they bought certain games, add-ons, or digital material. If users go to the PlayStation website or the PS4 and look at the transaction records, they can sort them by date, type of transaction, or item bought, among other things. Users can easily see how much they spend on different games and content.

I bought things that show up in my PS4’s buy history. Can I get my money back?

The PlayStation Store’s return policy and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s terms and conditions say how to get your money back for something you bought on PS4. You might be able to return some goods within a certain time frame and under certain conditions, but you can’t return everything. Users can look at their past purchases to see which ones can be refunded, and then they can call customer service at the PlayStation Store to ask for a refund.

Can I see what I got on PS4 from further away?

Yes, PS4 owners can see what they’ve bought on the system, on the PlayStation website, and on other devices. You can see and change what you’ve bought on any PlayStation Network (PSN) device as long as you’re logged in with your PSN account. This makes it simple and adaptable to keep track of transactions and handle digital content, no matter what gadget is being used.

Are free downloads and codes that were used part of the PS4’s buying history?

Yes, the PS4’s purchase history keeps track of everything that was bought, including free downloads, codes that were used, and special items that were bought through PlayStation Store deals. Users can see a list of all the things they’ve bought, such as a free game, DLC pack, or bonus material they got by redeeming a code. This makes sure that all digital content connected to the user’s PSN account can be found.

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