Wondering how to empty iCloud storage?

Initially, Apple offers 5 GB of free storage to each iCloud account. This 5 GB seems less if you are a fan of collecting extreme data on the daily basis. Today, I am going to cover the apple cloud storage topic where you will learn how to clear iCloud storage. 

So, without discussing extra stuff, let’s quickly look into the easy steps that can help you free iCloud storage. 

How to Delete iCloud Backup?

Step 1

  • First, go to the Settings> [your name].
  • Now, open iCloud then manage storage.

Check how much space your pictures, videos, and other documents are consuming.

Step 2

  • In order to delete old data from iCloud, select the old device name. 
  • Tap on delete backup to remove everything in the respective folder.

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Step 3

  • In case you are looking to remove current backup data, select the folder of your new data.
  • Under the “Choose Data to Back Up” area, tap on the options that show all apps.
  • Now choose to disable unwanted apps and click on the delete option when a dialogue popup.

How to Clear iCloud Storage (3)

Step 4

  • Besides, you are here to know how to delete your entire data from iCloud. Tap on Delete Backup.

Moreover, to check the entire iCloud backup data, you can download iCloud backup on your computer.

How to Clear iCloud Email Storage?

Have you ever noticed the documents and data folder in your iCloud? You have the option to clear it and free iCloud storage. Go to iCloud, then documents and data. Click on manage storage. In this folder, your emails, messages, phone numbers, and other documents are present.

Clearing data from this area will erase the data from your device.How to Clear iCloud Storage

To be precise, follow the steps below:

Pick and choose the data type like whats app messages, from the documents and data.This will open the information on the screen for the data you have chosen.

See, at the upper right corner, the option of Edit. Click on it and delete all.

There will be a message shown on the “Delete Documents & Data”dialog. Again, click on delete all to ultimately confirm.

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Final Words

I have explained how to clear iCloud storage in this article. All were easy and convenient steps to follow. In case you know something more about deleting iCloud storage, consider sharing in the comment section.

This will help our 1 lakh readers to learn more.

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How to Delete App Data from iCloud?

The cloud server is the place where you can save files and documents that take up your iCloud storage as well. To easily delete app data from iCloud, follow the steps below:

  • On your device, go to the iCloud Drive app.
  • Tap on select and choose every document you want to erase.
  • Click on delete and again delete to confirm deletion from iCloud space.
  • Now, go to the recently deleted folder and remove the files from there too.

After this, the data you have chosen to delete is now erased from everywhere and your iCloud storage is reduced. Therefore, you will not have to pay more for the space.

How do I reduce my iCloud storage?

Follow the above steps to reduce iCloud storage without erasing existing files on your iOS device.