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Do you Know How to Connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

how to use alexa as an intercom

How to Connect Alexa to Bluetooth? Alexa is the best virtual assistant from Amazon. It does lots of functions at your home, offices or in your cars with amazing capability features. You can connect Alexa to the blue tooth as well as blue-tooth enabled devices too for the best performance.

As much we know that Amazon Echo devices are types of speakers that permit you to talk to Alexa. For this, you can connect some models to Bluetooth speakers to make use of the features. 

In case you are thinking that can you use Alexa as a blue tooth speaker? Then the answer is YES. But for that, you have certain conditions.

How to Connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

Check whether Bluetooth is switched on from your computer, laptop or mobile phone. 

Now, as soon the pairing process gets completed with your phone or computer through blue tooth. Alexa will be behaving like a wireless speaker and perform all required activities with that.

 Ok, here are some of the steps to connect Alexa to the blue tooth speakers to make it more powerful.

  1. Choose your Bluetooth speakers. 

That’s it. So the process is completed and you can get a blaster sound via Bluetooth speaker whether you are listening to music or songs or Alexa’s voice combined to Echo dot along with the Bluetooth speaker.

 Sometimes my fault, we make Alexa disconnected to the Bluetooth speaker then just do the step. Only speak “Connect my speaker”.Alexa is so punctual and alert that it will immediately pair with the last time device connected to your Echo device. 

Now when you switch on Alexa, you will get the connection. Now we will learn further the ways to connect Alexa with blue tooth and iphone too.

Can we Connect iPhone to an Amazon Echo?

Remember the devices must be up to the mark before starting the process to connect. Your Iphone is charged or not just check because the process needs the battery life for full time and even check your echo devices for proper execution.

 Alexa is very powerful with its compatible features and smart working. She doesn’t need any extra characteristics for a Bluetooth connection with your iPhone but the initial arrangements are required and now let us have the process :

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We Can Follow Another Way Also for the Same Purpose

If due for any reason the above way is not correct or effective worthy then you can take the help of the Alexa app. It becomes easy to select the app and with the help of certain options, the work will be done.


Now for the next time when you want to connect, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or Bluetooth speaker and speak, “Pair Bluetooth.” As soon as the first pairing is done, then as per the selection from the devices listed, certain Bluetooth devices may reconnect to your Echo by themselves if they are in range.

Hope you got the required information related to how to connect Alexa to blue tooth and additional information too where you can connect your phone also with that. Do comment with your recent query related to the topic or any other just mention.

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