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How to Connect and Disconnect Spotify to Alexa: Set as Default App

how to connect spotify to alexa

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa? Paying attention to music is one of the top use cases for savvy speakers. Connecting Spotify to your Amazon Alexa will allow you to utilize your voice to utilize the music web-based feature with your Alexa-empowered savvy speaker. This is the way to interface Spotify to your Alexa.

Spotify is upheld by the length and expansiveness of Amazon Alexa-prepared speakers. Whenever you have connected your Spotify account with your Amazon account, it will be accessible on each Echo gadget associated with your record. You can notwithstanding, set an alternate music web-based feature as the default for each Echo gadget.

How to Connect Spotify to Alexa in 2022

Download the Alexa application on your iPhone or Android cell phone to associate Spotify to Alexa.

  1. Tap the More button and go to the Settings sub-menu.
  2. Look down to the Music and Podcasts choice under Alexa Preferences to continue.
  3. Tapping the Link New Service choice will give you all the music real time features you can interface with your Alexa gadget.
  4. Tap the Spotify button, and afterward Enable To Use.
  5. Tapping the button will empower a spring up for your program of decision. Assuming there is no spring up, pick the settings button and select the Link Account button.
  6. The two choices will take you to a program tab where you should Log in to Spotify. You should concur with every one of the consents settings, remembering the capacity to see your movement for Spotify, account information, and make moves on Spotify.
  7. Tap the Agree button to connect your Spotify account with Alexa
  8. You can now utilize Alexa to play music from Spotify. Just utilize the expression “Alexa, play music from Spotify.”

Set Spotify as the default music application on Alexa

Amazon Echo speakers support a wide scope of music web-based features yet setting up Spotify as the default is a snap. An additional advantage is that you quit requesting that the speaker plays by means of Spotify each time you provide it an order.

Go to Settings > Music and Podcasts. Presently tap Default Services. From here, you can choose a default real time feature for music, craftsmen and kinds stations, and even digital recordings. Go ahead and blend and match contingent upon your inclination.

Instructions to disconnect Spotify from Alexa

On the off chance that you can’t interface Spotify to Alexa you really want to sign in to your Spotify account on an internet browser and repudiate admittance to Alexa. Then open the Alexa application on your telephone and go to MENU > SETTINGS > MUSIC and PODCASTS > SPOTIFY > ENABLE TO USE. This ought to fix it!

“Your Spotify account should be connected first”

On the off chance that you’ve proactively connected your Alexa to Spotify, however your Alexa is as yet saying “Your Spotify account should be connected first”, follow these precise advances:

Reset Alexa when connecting Spotify

Assuming you’ve followed the means above that is no joke “Your Spotify account should be connected first” the following thing to attempt is turning off your Alexa for around 30 seconds and afterward plug it back in.


In the event that after so much, it actually doesn’t work, it’s an opportunity to plant reset your Alexa.

To reset your Alexa, press the activity button for 15-20 seconds. When you hear Alexa express “presently in arrangement mode” or “resetting your gadget”, you can give up.

In about a little while the reset interaction will finish and your gadget will teach you to “that your gadget is prepared for arrangement and to adhere to the guidelines in the Alexa application”.

Simply return into the Alexa application and it ought to walk you through the arrangement steps. Then, at that point, relink Spotify.

That is all there is to it, your Alexa ought to have the option to play Spotify now!

Spotify on Alexa gadgets

  1. Upheld gadgets
  2. Amazon Echo
  3. Amazon Echo Dot
  4. The amazon Echo Spot
  5. Amazon Echo Show
  6. The amazon Tap
  7. Amazon Fire TV Cube
  8. Facebook Portal/Portal+

Interface Spotify to Alexa

  1. Download and open the Alexa application.
  2. Tap the menu in the upper left.
  3. Tap Settings, then Music and Podcasts.
  4. Select Spotify, then Link record to Alexa.
  5. Sign in to your Spotify account.
  6. Set Spotify as the default
  7. Work everything out such that you don’t need to say “on Spotify” toward the finish of your voice orders:
  8. In the Alexa application, tap the menu in the upper left.
  9. Tap Settings, then, at that point, Music and Podcasts.
  10. Tap Choose default music administrations.
  11. Select Spotify and tap DONE.

Note: You actually need to say “on Spotify” toward the finish of orders to play digital recordings.

Presently request that Alexa play something, for example, “Alexa, play Discover Weekly”.

Can’t link Spotify to Alexa 

Regularly you’ll confront this issue since you’re utilizing Alexa outside the United States. A ton of times these kinds of administrations essentially don’t work in different areas of the planet.

There are two potential fixes in this situation.

One includes utilizing a VPN administration to change your area to the US. Whenever you’ve done this you can restart your telephone and every one of the accessible administrations (counting Spotify) ought to show up in Alexa now.

I’ve additionally known about changing the iPhone’s language to “US English”. This basic change caused Spotify to show up again under accessible administrations for certain clients.

It shouldn’t exactly make any difference what language your telephone is set to however hello, it merits a shot assuming you’re having this issue.

Do you really want Spotify Premium for Alexa?

No, you needn’t bother with a Spotify Premium record to pay attention to Spotify on your Alexa. You should simply pursue a free record on the Spotify site.

To accelerate the record creation process, you can utilize a current Facebook account as your Spotify login during join.

The terrible news is with the free Spotify account connected to your Alexa you will at times need to pay attention to ads and you will not have full command over what you can play.

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FAQs :

Q1. How would I match Spotify with my Alexa?

To connect your Spotify record to Alexa, follow these accurate advances:

Q2. Is there any valid reason why Spotify won’t interface with my Alexa?

  1. Restart your Echo gadget.
  2. Switch off unequivocal sifting in Alexa.
  3. Unlink and relink Spotify.
  4. Reinstall the Alexa application on your telephone.
  5. Reset your Echo gadget.


Q3. How would I associate Spotify to Alexa subsequent to failing to remember gadget?

The main way I fixed this is to reinstall the spotify in my telephone and you can pick the gadget once more. Seems to be a method for tackling this with an Amazon gadget utilizing Spotify Connect is to go to your Alexa application and unlink/re-interface your Spotify account. This equitable tackled it for me

Q4. Is Spotify viable with Alexa?


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