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 How to Convert Word to Pdf Using Simple & Easy Tricks

How to Convert Word to Pdf Using Simple & Easy Tricks

How to convert word to pdf? Converting is so simple to go with. You simply need to follow the guide below. As more individuals exchange documents online, converting a Microsoft Word document (.doc or.docx) to a PDF file is becoming increasingly vital. Microsoft Word, which is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, is frequently used to generate a Word document. However, many people, particularly Mac users, utilize PDF as a document format. That implies you’ll need to convert a Microsoft Word document to a PDF file at some point.

Let us now look at how to convert Word to PDF using the Save As option in Microsoft Word, as well as how to choose the finest DOC to PDF online converter or free desktop tool for your document type.

How to Convert Word to Pdf?

You have come to the right way to learn how to convert from word to pdf:

1) One Way Can Be Saving the Word File as a Pdf:

How to Convert Word to Pdf? The features of Microsoft Word’s Save As function cover all fundamental requirements, with the possible exception of the most complicated and sophisticatedly structured documents.

convert word file in to pdf

The complete instructions for converting Word to PDF are provided here.

  1. Find the document you need to convert. Now open it
  2. Select it if you simply want to import a portion of the document. If you want to convert the full Word document there isn’t any requirement to select a portion.
  3. Please keep in mind that, unlike Excel, Microsoft Word does not support exporting multiple choices to PDF. The Selection option in step 3 becomes greyed out when you choose non-contiguous tables etc.
  4. In MS Word 2013 you have to go to the FIle button then navigate to the Save As button. In MS Word 2007 you have to go to the Office button then navigate to the Save As button to save the file.
  5. The Save As dialogue box will open, allowing you to specify the destination folder, rename the file if required, and select PDF (.*pdf) from the “Save as type” drop-down list.
  6. You can select any of the options under Optimize option on the screen.
  7. Selecting Standard will enable you to get the PDF in high quality.
  8. Select Minimum size if a smaller PDF file size is more essential than print quality.
  9. The change will be hardly imperceptible if the converted Word document is mostly text. Selecting Standard while exporting a large file with many images may result in a significant increase in file size.
  10. If you don’t want to share information, pick the Options… button in the top right corner of the Save As window, as seen in the image above.
  11. This will open the Options… dialogue box, where you may configure the page range and other settings:
  12. Under Page range, pick whether to convert the whole Word document to PDF, the current selection, or selected pages.
  13. If tracking changes in the PDF is the moto then you should examine the document displaying markup. Or else make sure you have selected the file.
  14. If you want to generate a collection of bookmarks that users may click in the PDF document, check the Create bookmarks using the box under Include non-printable content.
  15. Then, if you’ve added bookmarks to your document, choose either Headings or Bookmarks.
  16. Unchecking the Document properties box will help you do not include the property information included in the output PDF file.
  17. The accessibility option’s document structure tags make the document easier to read when using screen-reading software. Clicking on ok will navigate you to the exit and the Options dialogue box will be exited.
  18. For saving the converted PDF, you need to press the save button in the save as window.
  19. If you wish to read the PDF file immediately after saving it, check the option “Open file after publishing” on the right half of the dialogue box.
  20. If MS Word is failed to export the file as PDF, you can try an online convertor.

convert word file in to pdf

2) You Can Also Use Word to Pdf Convertors Which Are Online

If you need the pdf without any hectic work just remember to visit any word to pdf convertor site and follow the steps below:

Regardless of the online converter you choose, the converting procedure is comprised of three steps:

  1. Open the website and upload the .doc or .docx extension file onto it.
  2. You enter the email address on the website so that the converted file is sent to the email address.
  3. You may obtain the PDF file by following the link supplied in the email.
  4. Within minutes your pdf will be ready.


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