How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp?


Groups can stay in touch with their audience in several ways, such as by emailing them, advertising on multiple platforms, and having events. Businesses are paying more attention to using WhatsApp these days since so many people use it. It used to be that businesses mostly used WhatsApp to tell people about sales and deals. They are now okay with the platform’s polling feature, though, which lets them get useful feedback.

A small group of people were the first to be able to use WhatsApp Polls in two different tests in 2021. After a while, they were made open to all users. Now, both businesses and people can use this tool to ask groups questions and get replies right away. It’s simple to make polls on WhatsApp, but the steps might be a little different on different devices. Let’s look at how to use WhatsApp to make polls on both Android and iOS phones.

When there are more people in a WhatsApp group, it’s really hard to decide what to do. It’s simple to overlook the important things when there are numerous ideas and arguments against them. It can be hard to pick the best time for that sound call on WhatsApp that you’ve been wanting for weeks. To get to the important message, you have to scroll back through a huge number of them.

It might almost make you want to leave the WhatsApp group. Thank goodness there is a way to make a choice as a group that doesn’t turn into a stressful nightmare. In a WhatsApp chat, you can quickly ask a question that everyone can vote on. Pick what you want, get everyone to vote, and let the government take over. Follow these steps to make a poll on WhatsApp so that people can vote.

How to Create A WhatsApp Poll On Mobile?

Android and iOS users are very different from one another, and most of them are very loyal to the OS they choose. Because each OS is a little different—iOS has never had a back button, for example—the WhatsApp app for phones looks and works in different ways on each one. But making a poll is pretty much the same.

  • The “Attach” icon looks like a paper clip on Android and a + sign on iOS. Click it in the WhatsApp chat where you want to ask the question.
  • Pick Poll.
  • Type your poll question in the “Question” box.
  • Write down the options that people can pick in the Options field.
  • You can type in up to 12 options. More space will appear so you can enter more choices after you enter two.
  • You can change the order of the options by dragging the button at the end of each row up or down.
  • Pick whether people can vote for more than one thing.

How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp?

  • If you do not want to allow multiple answers, turn it off.
  • Just press “Send” or the “Send” button on your phone when you’re done with your poll.
  • It’s now in the chat, and people can vote by tapping on any option.
  • When you click on the choice you already chose, it will take away your vote if you click on the wrong choice or change your mind.
  • People can choose as many answers as they want if Multiple Answers are checked.
  • To see who picked which options, click “View Votes” below the poll.

How to Create a WhatsApp Poll on a Desktop?

It’s not easy to type WhatsApp messages on your phone’s keyboard. You can also use the PC app or WhatsApp Web if you’d rather type on a full-size keyboard. On the phone, this can help if you need to enter a lot of options but don’t want to tap them all out. It’s pretty much the same as setting up polls on your phone as it is on your computer. These steps will also work for you if you use WhatsApp Web on a computer.

  • Choose the chat or group where you want to put the poll.
  • First, click the Poll button, which looks like a bar chart. Next, click the Paper Clip sign.
  • Type your poll question in the “Question” box.
  • And the choices you have for how to vote in the Options field.
  • More choices If you choose more than two, fields will show up. There are 12 things to choose from.
  • Click on the four-bar icon to the right of each choice to change the order.
  • People can’t pick more than one answer if “Allow Multiple Answers” is turned off.
  • Clicking “Send” makes the poll.
  • When people in the chat click on one of the options, they can vote. They can pick as many answers as they want if you let them.
  • Your vote will be taken away from a choice if you click on it again.
  • Look below the poll and click “View Votes” to see who chose what.

How to Create a Poll on WhatsApp?

Steps To Make Poll On WhatsApp On iOS Device

  • Start a conversation.
  • Press the “Attach” button or the thing that looks like a pin.
  • Hit the “Poll” button.
  • Put your question where it says “Question.”
  • Type in the options for your question at choices. You can change the order of the poll choices by tapping and holding an item and moving it up or down.
  • The poll is ready when you press “Send.”

How To View Poll Details?

  • Open the chat that has the question to see it.
  • Pick out the poll and click “View Votes.”


A WhatsApp poll is a simple and useful way to find out what people think, make choices, and talk to each other. The site has a polling tool that lets users make their own polls with multiple options. This makes it easy for people to vote and say what they want. Polls are useful for many things, such as making plans for events, getting feedback, surveying people, or just beginning a group conversation.

The fact that polls are open to everyone makes people want to take part and brings WhatsApp users together. People who run or organize groups can also use polls to find out what their members like and what they’d like to see more of. This helps them make smart decisions and make sure that the activities or materials are right for the people who will be seeing them. Last but not least, the poll tool in WhatsApp makes it easier for people in the same group to work together, talk, and do things. This makes the site better for everyone and gets them more involved.

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