How To Create Folders And Add Files On Google Drive?


Google Drive is the best place to put things online. It gives people a place to store their files and a way to organize and find them quickly. You need to know how to add files and set up groups on Google Drive in order to make a well-organized home office. It’s not just a simple skill. You will learn how to do these things in this detailed guide. It will also help you plan online by giving you ideas and tips. 

Creating Folders on Google Drive 

  • With Google Drive groups, you can organize your digital files in a way that is easy to find and keeps them in order. This step-by-step guide will not only save your files, but it will also organize them in a way that makes sense to you and makes them easier to find. 
  • Go to Google Drive with your best online browser for the first part of the trip. If you haven’t already, use your Google account to log in to the big wide world of computers. 
  • Find the Right Place: If you want to see a folder at the top level or a structure inside the present folder, you need to be in the right place. Open a folder to put things in a better order, or click on “My Drive” to open the main area. 

How to Create Folders and Add Files on Google Drive

  • Type “+” in the box. If you press the “+ New” button in Google Drive, you can find the virtual tools. The first thing you need to do to get organized is press this button. It will start the process of making a new folder. 
  • From the choice that drops down, pick “Folder”: There is a drop-down choice. Right-click it and choose “Folder.” You can change how your digital space is set up by doing this easy thing. 
  • If you want to make a box that really shows what’s inside it, you need to give it a name. This isn’t just a habit; it’s important. It brings up a chat box that you can fill out with details when you click on the new folder. 

How to Create Folders and Add Files on Google Drive

  • Hit the “Enter” key. When you press the Enter key, the folder’s name is checked. In the digital world, your new folder is now a real thing that can hold all of your well-organized files. 

Adding Files to Google Drive 

  • Adding files to Google Drive is like bringing old paper records into a clean office. Keep your digital store full and up to date by following these steps. This is true whether you are adding single files or whole groups. 
  • If you haven’t already, go back to Google Drive. You will put the digital copies of your paper records here. 
  • If you want to trash something in a certain place, click on the folder you want to open. It will be possible for a well-planned rise to happen. 

How to Create Folders and Add Files on Google Drive

  • It comes up again when you press the “+ New” button, letting you add to your digital collections. When you click on it, a drop-down choice with different ways to add something digital comes up. 
  • Pick “File Upload” or “Folder Upload” based on the send file or folder. You can move a single file by clicking “File Upload” or a folder full of files by clicking “Folder Upload.” 
  • The file explorer on your computer will show up in a window if you choose Files or Folder. Click on the files or folders you want to send, and then click “Open.” The first thing that needs to be done to share a file is to start it. 

How to Create Folders and Add Files on Google Drive

  • Pay attention to the Upload process: As the info comes in, you can hear how fast it is coming in. How long this step takes will depend on how big the file is and how fast your internet is. 
  • People post the files, and when it’s all done, there’s a digital party. Google Drive will put files and groups where they belong when you move them. After that, you can see them on any device that is connected.   

Tips and Considerations 

  • There are many things to think about and tips you can use to get better at digital planning. If you know these little tips, Google Drive will not only help you learn how to use technology better, it will also be fun. 
  • Drag and Drop: Use drag-and-drop to make adding things easy. This is an easy way to work because Google Drive lets you add things to your digital area by hand. 
  • Sort things out with subfolders: Putting subfolders inside files will help you sort things out. If you right-click on a folder and select “New folder,” you can set up a layout that fits the way you think about order. Everything will stay in order. 
  • Joint Features: Get the most out of Google Drive’s joint features. Each person on your team can give you whole files, which helps everyone work together at the same time. Many people can change the same file at the same time, which makes it easy for everyone to work together. 
  • Different Types of Files: Google Drive can hold many different kinds of files. It has a place to store different kinds of files and show sneak peeks of them on the main screen. Some of these file types are reports, pictures, documents, and more. 


That’s not all. You need to know more than how to add things and make groups in Google Drive. There is a careful dance of organizing features in this digital world that makes sure it is more than just a place to store things. It’s also a place where you can work well. It’s easy to keep track of your digital area with Google Drive.

It can help you share useful files, keep private files safe, or plan group projects. You can find a lot of help and information in Google Drive’s Help Center. It’s like a knowledge lighthouse that can help you organize your digital life and solve any questions you have. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

Is it possible to change the look of Google Drive groups?

Google Drive doesn’t let you change how things look. You can color them, though, to help you find them. This lets you make your way of organizing things even more special. 

Is it possible to get back Google Drive files or groups that I delete? 

Google Drive has a safety net called “Trash” built in. This is where folders and files that have been deleted may stay for a short time. You can get them back after a certain amount of time. 

Can I only send a certain number of files to Google Drive? 

The type of Google Drive account you have determines how much room you can use. With a free Google account, you can only store 15 GB of files. People who pay for Google One can keep more files because they have more space. 

Can I sort my Google Drive files by name or tag? 

Google Drive is mostly made up of groups, but it doesn’t come with a built-in way to tag files. You can, however, organize things in a way that works for you by making sure that group names and layouts always follow the same rules. 

How do I let only certain Google Drive users see a folder? 

Right-click on the folder you want to share in Google Drive and choose “Share.” Then, enter the email names of the people you want to work with and choose what permissions they should have. Finally, click “Send.” People who work together get emails that let them into the shared folder. They can easily work together online now. 

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