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 How to Create Folders in Gmail | 2 Best Methods

How to Create Folders in Gmail | 2 Best Methods

Having a well-organized inbox sounds uncomplicated and smooth. In addition, it also leads to improved email productivity.

If you are wondering how to create folders in Gmail, let me tell you one thing that Gmail allows its users to organize their inbox in several effective ways.

Among the several ways, one of the best and most preferred is Gmail labels.

How to Create Folders in Gmail

Now, do you want to know what is Gmail labels?

Actually, Gmail folders are also called Gmail labels that can be found in your inbox sidebar. They help you manage your essential emails so that, you will not have to dive into the mess of thousands of emails.

Keep scrolling to know how to organize Gmail folders…

How to create a new Gmail folder on your Computer?

The Gmail on laptop or desktop allows you to create new labels via two methods:

Method 1: Create New Folder in Gmail through Sidebar

  • Go to the Gmail login page and enter your login ID and password.
  • On the left side of your screen, search for the existing label’s list.
  • Now you need to scroll down and click on more. This will expand the complete menu.
  • Click more to expand all options and then click on + Create new label.
  • Choose + Create a new label. The screen will pop up where you will have to name your new folder and click on create.

Method 2: Create New Folder in Gmail through SettingsHow to Create Folders in Gmail

  • By entering your username and password, log into your Gmail account.
  • Find and click on the gear-shaped settings icon at the top right.
  • Now, you need to click on see all settings. This way you can create, edit, and delete labels.
  • Click on the labels option and select create a new label.
  • To create a new folder in the mail, name your label and finally click on create.

These two methods are the best if you’re looking for how to create labels and folders in Gmail.

How to Create Sub folder in Gmail Inbox on your Computer?

How to Create Folders in Gmail

Within parent labels, you can create additional labels to further organize your important emails.

Remember creating sub folders on Gmail is only possible on the desktop. The mobile application of Gmail doesn’t allow creating sub folders.

You can follow the same steps I have mentioned above to create the labels. However, you have to stop before clicking on create button.

After that:

  • Find the box near the nested label. You can find this underneath your new label name pop-up.
  • While you read a text – Please select a parent…, click on the down arrow. This will expand all available folders.
  • Now you can choose your desired label and continue to make its sub-category.
  • Finally, click on create.

How to make Folders in Gmail Inbox using App?

  • On your smartphone, click on the Gmail icon open the app.
  • Do you see three lines at the top left of the screen?

Click on them to see the menu.

  • Scroll down and select the label button and tap on + Create new.
  • Now, you will see the option of naming a new label. Here, you can enter the name as per your choice and click on done.

Wrap Up

The above methods are very easy to know how to create folders in Gmail. I have avoided any complications and hard way’s.

If you have any queries or have something in mind that you want to share, you can write in the comment box.

Tanvi Sharma

Tanvi Sharma

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