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 How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone?

How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone?


How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone: Instagram has turned into a popular social network that considers the simple sharing of photos and videos using the app. Initially launched in 2010 it has been purchased by Facebook in 2012. While a many individuals need to share their photos and videos on this platform there are instances when you should stop the network and delete Instagram account. You need to comprehend that once you are through with this, there will be a permanent elimination of your followers, likes, comments, photos, videos and profile. Listed beneath are the means on how to do this.

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How to Delete Instagram Account on iPhone

how to delete instagram account on iphone

  • Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  • Go to your profile page then, at that point, tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Help then on Help Center
  • Tap on the Managing Your Account link.
  • Tap on the Delete Your Account link.
  • Tap on the “How would I delete my account?” alternative that will be present there and next would be present an option by the name Delete Your Account page link.

You will have a choice to respond to the inquiry why you will erase your account. Simply pick the closest reply from the list of decisions.
Finally, enter your password then, at that point, tap on the Permanently delete my account button.

How to Disable an Instagram Account Temporarily

how to delete instagram account on iphone

  • Stage 1: Go to by means of a browser.
  • Stage 2: Enter your Instagram account information to log in.
  • Stage 3: Next you have to “Edit Profile” once you click on your username.
  • Stage 4: Click “Temporarily disable my account” and select the explanation.
  • Stage 5: Type in your Instagram password again, pick “Temporarily Disable Account” and afterward click “OK” to affirm.

How to Download Your Data on Instagram Prior to Deleting the App

1. Open the Instagram app.

2. Next is a simple thing in the process which includes you to click on three lines in the upper right-hand of your screen in your profile page.

3. At the base, tap “Settings” – the symbol that looks like a gear.

4. In Settings, find “Security.”

5. Next you need to get hold of the Download Data option in the Security menu, under Data and History.

6. Enter the email you wish to have your Instagram data shipped off and tap “Request Download” – it can require as long as 2 days for Instagram to send your photos, comments, and profile information. You should delay until you get the data prior to deleting your account.

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Small Gist

Posting photos and videos on Instagram has become part of everyday exercises for some across the globe. However, at one point, you may want to invest energy away from this platform. The explanation can be to zero in on a career or be with self in isolation for quite a while. Assuming that you go under any of these categories and intend to delete your Instagram account or deactivate it temporarily, The previously mentioned information can help you.

Final Words

I hope this guide helps you with respect to the doubts or uncertainties you had on how to delete instagram account on iphone. For more such updates, keep following us and stay tuned. Thank you for reading. Peace out!



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