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How to Design Your YouTube Channel

How to design your YouTube channel

The quality of the design of the channel on YouTube largely determines its popularity among users, most of whom are known to be an essential visual component.

Attention should be paid to the profile’s design and the posted video. We offer step-by-step instructions on creating a lovely blog and attracting subscribers. First of all, you should work on creating a unique style that will make subscribers recognize you among hundreds of other channels. If you have no ideas how to design your YouTube channel, you can ask for help from professionals who will help you make everything beautiful and stylish, considering your wishes.

Here are brief recommendations for decorating your channel on YouTube:

Channel icon

You can use a personal or corporate photo, the brand’s logo or promoted project, and just a nice picture as an avatar. The badge will be displayed under all the videos, in comments, in search, and on statistics sites. So, it’s worth choosing an enjoyable, memorable image that you can be recognized by.

In 80% of channels, users use personal photos or brand logos as a badge, which allows you to emphasize your style. It’s not recommended to use animations or cartoon characters for an avatar. Such an approach is usually relevant for gaming accounts or blogs of schoolchildren who use them primarily for entertainment, not for making money.

Uploading pictures downloaded from the Internet is also not recommended:

Usually, such design is used by those who came not to earn but to troll others.

Background image

The background of the channel plays a significant informational role: it visually displays the theme and the main message of the blog. That’s why you should choose not just a pretty picture but a thematic one. You can already determine what this YouTube channel is about at one glance.

A channel header is an important graphic element that can tell about the channel and visually convey the theme of all the videos. Without a beautiful background, the account will look unfinished, as if it was made hastily.

You should use your photos in your blog, immediately letting you know who the channel’s author is. If the account is designed for a specific project, where there will be videos from different people, you can beautifully place the brand name or logo.


The trailer’s purpose is to interest users who haven’t signed up for your account yet. Tell them what content you offer, share your benefits and tricks that can attract your potential subscribers. The trailer should be as simple as possible and describe all users’ benefits by subscribing to this channel.

The feature is not created for nothing, and it is worth it to take maximum advantage of it to promote your channel. Try to be as creative as possible. A boring, monotonous story is unlikely to attract attention. If you work as an essay writer online and lead a channel about paper writing, insert excerpts from your best studying videos in the trailer. At the culinary channel will be relevant fragments of photo recipes. The user will immediately understand what the videos are about and what useful he can learn on your channel.

Playlists creating

Users who have practical expertise with how to construct a YouTube channel constantly recommend paying particular attention to playlists. All the videos posted on the account should be divided into categories so that subscribers can easily choose the content of interest.

Thanks to playlists, you can group the posted material by narrow topics, giving users a better opportunity to navigate a large amount of content. First of all, it is worth building a structure that will be used to make videos and create playlists. You can choose special applications and services for convenient planning.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a playlist on your YouTube channel:

The appearance of videos on the channel

Today’s competition on YouTube is quite extensive, and users are very picky about content. That’s why videos mounted in haste will hardly be popular. To create a fantastic video that will be watched and liked, you’ll have to put in some effort.

For quality video design, you will need:

Final thoughts

It’s worth realizing that channel design is a fickle business. It won’t be done once and for all. As the blog develops, new ideas and trends will emerge that you will want to implement.

Richard Ellis

Richard Ellis is a Eurogamer reporter who is interested in streaming, people and communities, and providing marginalized individuals a voice.
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