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Solved: How to Embed Audio and Video to Google Drive Within Minutes

How to Embed Audio to Google Drive

Google Drive is now one of the main application which everyone prefer to use. It is safe, secure and private. It is a cloud based storage solution which have a lot of space for you to store your files online and have an access to them through your mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. Drive is also available on computers and mobiles which helps you to save your files online safely and edit them online. It makes it easy for people to edit and collaborate through files. 

How to Embed Audio to Google Drive ?

Hooray ! Google might have listened to our requests and introduced the very much preferred option to embed audio files in Google Drive. Now we can insert audio files to our google slides. It can be voice recording, songs, music, any sort of sound effect or any narration, any type of audio you have access or you want to create. 

Make yourself clear about it that this feature only allows you to insert the audio and not create the audio file. Make sure that the file is mp3 or .wav type. If you already own a file, then you can insert the audio clips or sound effects or any music to it as you have the rights to use it. Don’t forget the copyright and fair use policies when adding audio files made by someone else.

Creating Your Own Audio Files: 

Google sheet don’t have an option of recording and all you need is a separate application for recording the audio files and then save it to your google drive. You can use some recording apps like online Voice recorded, GarageBand, and Audacity. You can also search the recording apps in a google chrome web store, and you’ll find a lots of more applications related to it. Now locate or create an audio and you’re now ready for the further procedure. 

  1. Save the created audio file to your google drive: If you’ve created an audio or a music file that you want to use then make sure to save it to your Google Drive. To upload a file in Google Drive all you need to do is go to the drive application and then click on the NEW icon and select FILE UPLOAD option. If you’re sharing this audio or music file with your students or any other person, then they need to play the audio file also. Hence you must share your file separately to these people from Google Drive. Do right click on the file that is needed to be share and then click on Share option. 
  2. In your Google slide, insert audio: Open the Google sheet file or else create one google sheet. Now, do the selection of the slide at where you want to upload this audio file. Then click on INSERT and then go to AUDIO. Now select the file from the Google Drive. After selecting this, go to SELECT option and a speaker option will be appeared to your slide. Click the icon to play audio that you’ve created or click anywhere on your slide. 


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In Google Slides, How to Play Audio?

While in editing mode, you can preview the audio and then play the audio by hovering over the icon of speaker or else just clicking on the audio file and play it. If you are in a presentation mode, then you just need to click on the speaker button to play your audio, or by hovering over the file and click on the play button. 

Audio Format Options: 

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