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 How to Find Hidden Photos on an iPhone and iPad Within Minutes

How to Find Hidden Photos on an iPhone and iPad Within Minutes

How to find hidden photos on an iPhone? Photos are the source to keep memories of life alive but earlier it was in the hard copy albums. But nowadays we do not need to search for the album in the almirah or cupboard but just a matter of a few clicks to get the hidden photos in front from your devices like your iPhone or iPad etc.

With the help of instructions, you will be able to retrieve the hidden photos back on your screen and make your good memories fresh. Well in case you had hidden some photos on your iPhone but you are not able to remember where those photos are? Do not worry!

In this article, we are going to learn about the way to find hidden photos on iPhone type of devices.

How to Find Hidden Photos on an iPhone

No problem if in any case you had hidden the photos and were not able to get them back on your main screen. We are here to help you with that only.

Go through these to find hidden photos on your iPhone 

  • First, download the Photos app on your iPhone.
  • Now press on the Albums option below.
  • Now go down on the opened album page and click on the hidden option of the other albums part. 

hidden photos

Note: In some iPhones hidden option is available in the utility part. In that condition after opening the Photos app click on the Albums option. Then click on the Hidden option under the Utility part.

  • Now Click on the photo or the album or video that you want to unhide
  • Again click on the share option and then on unhide

The Instructions May Differ in iPad:

  • Go and open the Photos app.
  • Move down and search for Utility option and then hidden option under that.
  • Select the photo or video that you wish to unhide.
  • Then at last select the Share button and choose Unhide.

When we are unhiding the photos on iPhone then why not know about your Macbook

In case the album is hidden on Mac as well as off too by default. It is not forever, it’s a device and you can switch it on again if you wish to do so and even can search for the photos or albums ahead which are hidden. Now there is how can you unhide the hidden album on Mac

  • Go to Photos and open it. 
  • Select View and then click the Show Hidden Photo Album option.
  • But now how can you check whether the album is activated or on? So, When the hidden album is unhidden, you can easily fetch it under Photos on the sidebar.

 Ok, now if after unhiding the photos you wish to hide them again then here we are.

hidden photos

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How Can I Hide Photos on My iPhone?

As soon you hide the photos or albums, You cannot see them in the library or any other photo holding places on your main screen. But you are allowed and facilitated to switch on or activate the hidden album or photos again with the options ahead.

Note: You can apply the process on iPhone, iPad etc. devices.

  • First Open Photos app.
  • Choose the photo or album which you wish to hide.
  • Select the Share button, then click Hide.
  • Then give your confirmation that you want to hide those photos or albums.

How Can I Hide Photos on Mac?

Above we had unhidden the photos and now it’s good to know how to hide also those photos or albums.

  • Go to The Photos app and open
  • Choose the photo or album or video that you wish to hide.
  • Select the photo, then select Hide Photo. 
  • Even you can hide photos directly from the menu you just have to select Image then Hide Photo. 
  • At last, you have to confirm that you want to hide the photo or video or album and not do so by mistake.

hidden photos

Unhide Photos on Mac From Menu

  • As usual, just Open the Photos app. From the menu bar, select View then Show Hidden Photo Album option.
  • Choose Hidden from the sidebar.
  • Then Choose a photo or album or video that you wish to unhide.
  • Select the photo, then select Unhide Photo option. As we discussed you have a variety of ways but it’s up to you what do you want? So another method for the same is to Select Image Then Unhide Photo same like above from the menu bar, instead just click Command-L.

Today you had learnt to find the hidden photos which you had hidden but not able to fetch them again. There are ways and devices also to apply them on that which was shown for you only above. Now try out by hiding the photos on your iPhone or other devices and then try to unhide too via the given guidelines and enjoy. Comment if anything else in your mind.

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