How to Fit a Whole Picture on Instagram?


Instagram has become one of the most popular ways to share pictures and connect with others in the age of social media. However many Instagram users have trouble getting their whole picture to fit in the square frame. In this piece, we’ll look at different ways to help you fit a full picture on Instagram without losing any of its quality or content.

What Are Instagram’s Image Constraints?

Before we get to the answers, it’s important to understand why it can be hard to fit a whole picture on Instagram. Instagram is different from other sites because pictures can only be shared in a square shape. Because of this, parts of the picture often get cut off, which takes away from the image you were trying to make.

1. Using the Carousel feature on Instagram

With Instagram’s “carousel” tool, you can show the whole picture. With this feature, you can add multiple photos or videos to a single share so that people can swipe through and see the whole picture in order.

2. Add White Borders

You can also make your picture more artistic by giving it white edges. This changes the size of the picture so that it fits in Instagram’s square frame. These frames can add style and beauty to your picture without changing how it looks.

how to fit a whole picture on instagram

3. Utilizing Third-Party Apps

There are a number of apps and editing tools that were made by people other than Instagram that can help you get around the picture size limit. These apps can help you adjust your photo so that it fits on Instagram without losing any important parts.

4. Creating Collages

Collages are a great way to show a lot of different parts of a scene without having to worry about what to leave out. You can combine several photos into one picture, which you can then post to Instagram as a whole.

5. The Panorama Effect

To use the landscape effect, take bigger pictures with your camera or phone. You can post panorama pictures on Instagram without cropping them, so your fans can see the whole scene at once.

how to fit a whole picture on instagram

6. Using Portrait or Landscape Orientation

Instead of the usual square shape, try putting your pictures in portrait or landscape mode. By doing this, you can make the picture as big as possible and make it work for Instagram.

7. Zooming Out Creatively

A good tip is to zoom out just a little bit, especially if you want to get more of the picture. This lets you keep Instagram’s square form while keeping most of the original photos.

8. Adding captions and stories

If nothing else works, you can explain what’s going on or show what’s missing by using the picture’s description or Instagram Stories. If a picture has an interesting description or story, people may want to know more about it.

9. Avoiding Busy Backgrounds

When putting your picture together, try to avoid scenes that are too busy or crowded because they might not look good in a square format. Your Instagram posts can look a lot better if you keep things easy.


It should be easy and fun to share your best times on Instagram. Using the tips above, you can make sure your Instagram photos look good without losing creativity or quality. To read more content like this, visit


Will adding white lines make it harder to see what’s going on?

Putting white lines around a picture doesn’t make it bigger or smaller. It just changes the size so it looks better on Instagram.

Can I also add videos to my Instagram slideshow?

Yes, you can share both photos and movies in the same post by using the carousel tool.

Do apps made by other people pose a risk to my account?

Most third-party apps from known sources are safe to use, but you should always read reviews and make sure you have permission to use them before you do.

Can I make changes to my collage after I’ve made it?

Yes, you can change your photo before you post it to Instagram.

Will using portrait or landscape change how many people see my post?

No, whether your post is in portrait or landscape view won’t change how many people see it. Everything works the same with Instagram.

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