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 How To Fix A Broken Android Charger Cord

How To Fix A Broken Android Charger Cord

Ever since we got Android phones, we got a charger with them. However, sometimes we use this charger for several phones or multiple device charging (phone and tablet, for example). Now, it’s not easy for one charger to work over the years. Sometimes, we have a broken charger cord and no idea what to do with it.

A small cord inside the USB cable can slightly bend in and doesn’t make proper contact. Some of the damages can be on the cable itself. Now, what to do? No clue.

That’s why I made this short guide for if it is worth repairing a phone, and if it needed to fix your broken Android charger cord and keep using your charger.

Type of charger cable damage

There are several types of damage your cable can suffer. Sometimes, the damage is minor and fixable, while in other situations, it’s cheaper just to buy yourself a new charger. If you want to try and fix it, make sure to assess the damage first.

The most common issue with your charger is breaking. Somewhere on the cable itself or close to the connection plug, your cable may break. It’s typical damage for all types of cables – with a detachable USB cable and without. Besides that, your cable may rip a bit on the place you usually bent it, but it won’t affect the functioning of the cable itself. However, do not ignore the issue since it can cause permanent damage.

How to repair a damaged cord

Sometimes, breakage is found in the places where the sheath of the cord is worn. Sometimes, the damage is inside the USB or similar, which makes it invisible to the eye. The damage is there, but it’s hard to determine it. Let’s go through some possible places your charger can malfunction and see the solution.

Cable broke with a distinct deformation at the feed line breakpoint

If something like this happened, the solution is simple. Use scissors or a wire cutter at the breakpoint. Remove the outer sheath. Remove damaged parts of wires and align the length for easier connection. Remove around 2mm of insulation from both sides of the cable. Connect the wires again. It would be best to use a crimper. Insulate the area again, preferably with tape, and secure it. There you go, you have a functioning charger.

Damage near connection plug

If the cable was broken near the connection plug, it might need to be wholly replaced. However, you can try to fix it first. Purchase the required connection. Then cut the wire at the fraction point. Remove around 5mm of the cable jacket and 2mm of insulation. Connect the wires according to the micro USB and USB diagram. Close the plug and secure it with the insulation tape.

Damage to the cable near the power unit

If your charger’s USB cannot be detached, you can try to solder the wires to the motherboard of the charger. Here is how.

Cut off the wire near the power supply where the damage occurred. Cut off the part of a battery charger. Unsolder and remove old wires from the motherboard. Put the insulation on the power cord and wires and connect wires to the motherboard. Connect the parts of the charger case after the cutting point.

Damage to the outer sheath

If your cable is damaged from the outside, but it’s still working, as aforementioned, you shouldn’t ignore the problem. The best would be to use the insulation tape and connect ripped pieces of the cable together. This way, you will avoid more significant damage and the complete malfunction of your charger.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful, and you’ve managed to fix your Android charger’s cord. If you have any other suggestions on how to do so, please leave a comment in the section below.

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