How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1016?


You will always run into problems if you are interested in web hosting and security. One of these issues that website owners may face is Cloudflare Error 1016. If you want to keep your online life running smoothly, you should know what this error is and how to fix it quickly and easily.

What is Cloudflare Error 1016?

The error 1016 message shows up when the origin server won’t let Cloudflare connect. Normal traffic is being slowed down, which is annoying for both people who visit the website and the people who run it. There are several possible causes of the error, including DNS mistakes, servers not being available, or Cloudflare’s strict security settings.

Causes of Error 1016

Figure out what’s wrong with this issue before you try to fix it. Cloudflare and the origin server can’t talk to each other if your DNS settings are wrong. This is known as Error 1016. This tends to happen when the Cloudflare dashboard’s DNS records don’t match the domain’s real DNS records. The difference throws off the system, which makes it impossible to connect.

This error code 1016 can also happen if the server is down. It won’t be possible to connect if the origin server is down or having problems. This could be because the server needs to be serviced, there are technical issues, or the site went down without warning. Forget about Error 1016. Make sure the server is up and running, and fix any issues with the server right away.

Adjusting Cloudflare Security Settings

Large security measures at Cloudflare are safe, but they may sometimes block good traffic. It is very important to change these settings so that they make things safe and easy to use. Changing the firewall rules and security settings to whitelist important IPs can help lower the chance of getting Error 1016.

How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1016

Methods to Fix Cloudflare Error 1016

To make sure this mistake doesn’t happen again, you need to follow best practices. An important part of being proactive is keeping an eye on DNS settings and making sure servers are always stable and online.

Monitoring DNS Configurations

By checking DNS settings often, you can avoid making mistakes. Keep an ear out for changes and odd sounds. Having the wrong IP address or not having enough records in DNS can stop the normal resolution process. When you check your DNS settings often, fix any problems right away. This will help you stay away from Error 1016.

Server Maintenance and Updates

For servers to be stable, things like regular maintenance, backups, and monitoring must be set up. Problem 1016 is less likely to happen when server management takes charge. This keeps the server ready to handle requests and stops it from going down without warning.

How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1016

Reviewing and Optimizing Cloudflare Security Settings

Every so often, look at your Cloudflare security settings and make changes based on what your website needs and how threats are changing. The site needs strict security settings to stay safe, but they can accidentally lead to Error 1016. Adding important IP addresses to a “whitelist” and making firewall rules better are some of the regular checks and changes that keep real traffic from getting blocked.

Additional Ways to Fix Problems

  • Please check how SSL/TLS is set up. Error 1016 can happen if SSL/TLS is not set up correctly. Make sure that both Cloudflare and the base server are set up correctly for SSL/TLS. Safe connections might not work if the settings don’t match.
  • Check for problems with the firewall. Error 1016 can happen if the firewall isn’t set up correctly and stops normal traffic. You should look at the firewall rules on both Cloudflare and the origin server. You should make sure that the firewall doesn’t block too many IPs and whitelist the ones you need to use.
  • The Content Delivery Network (CDN) cache can also be broken, which can lead to Error 1016. Clear the CDN cache and then load the page again. The connection might not be working because the data in the cache is out of date or broken.

How To Fix Cloudflare Error 1016

  • Talk to Your Host: If nothing else works, you might find out something useful by talking to your host. Their job is to help you find and fix problems with the server so your website works right.


To sum up, Error 1016 might cause a short-term issue, but it can be effectively fixed with the right tools and proactive steps. People who own websites can make them more trustworthy by figuring out the problems’ causes, following the steps for fixing them, and following best practices. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can someone who isn’t tech-savvy fix Cloudflare Error 1016?

Yes, if you follow the steps given, even people who aren’t good with computers can fix Error 1016.

What’s the best time to check my DNS?

To find problems quickly, you should check it at least once a month.

Are there tools that can fix Cloudflare errors on their own?

Cloudflare’s diagnostic tools can help you find and fix errors like 1016.

How can I get Cloudflare’s security settings to work better?

Check and make changes to your website’s security settings often. The firewall rules could be changed, and important IPs could be added to a “whitelist.”

Cloudflare Error 1016: How often does it happen? Is it possible to stop?

Even though Error 1016 doesn’t happen often, the steps in this article can help you avoid getting it.

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