How to Fix Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One? Let’s Check


Don’t worry if dev error 6034 Xbox one is giving you trouble. This error meant that there were broken files in the console. You can fix it by resetting, reinstalling, and other things. Xbox is a well-known video game brand that belongs to Microsoft. Streaming services and video game consoles are what make it up. It’s a great service, but add-ons that are out of date or cause problems often cause errors. The Modern Warfare data packs that were already on the console can also cause problems.

What is Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One?

Modern warfare dev error 6034 The most common kind of error is Xbox One, which means that there are data packs that don’t work well together. The dev error 6034 Warzone Xbox can happen when a gamer tries to start up Modern Warfare on Xbox. If you want to learn more about dev error 6034 Xbox, stay with us until the end.

What Causes Dev Error 6034 on Xbox One?

Want to know how to fix Xbox dev error 6034? Modern warfare dev error 6034 We don’t know what’s wrong with Xbox One, but since it keeps happening, it could be a number of things. The Xbox Modern Warfare dev error 6034 is often caused by the following:

  • Games with corrupted file
  • COD modern warfare or Warzone random error
  • Outdated GPU driver

How to Fix Xbox One Developer Error 6034?

Dev error 6034 on Xbox means that Modern Warfare data packs or add-ons are out of date or conflict with each other. The problem could also come from how the game was set up. When a user tries to start Modern Warfare on Xbox and gets the dev error 6034, there is a problem.

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This is a problem with almost every Modern Warfare map, so it’s not just one. Before moving on to other solutions, check to see if the Modern Warfare game files are split between two storages, such as internal and to fix dev error 6034 on xbox one

If so, try moving all of the game files to the internal storage to see if that fixes the problem. If you don’t know how to fix Call of Duty dev error 6034 on Xbox, follow these steps. All solutions are excellent and functional. Start with the first step and do the others until the Xbox Modern Warfare dev error 6034 is fixed.

Solution 1: Clear the Cache of Your Xbox One

Modern Warfare may show the dev error 6034 if the Xbox One’s cache is broken. In this case, you might need to clear the Xbox’s cache.

  • Press the power button and wait until all the lights go out to turn off your Xbox.
  • Now, disconnect the power cord from the back of the Xbox and the wall. Then just hold on a second.
  • Now connect the power cord to the Xbox and the back socket.
  • Then wait another minute, or if you have an Xbox One that is not part of the S or X series, wait until the white light on the power brick turns orange.
  • Now turn on the Xbox and see if the error 6034 is still there.

Solution 2: Clear the Game’s Reserved Space

Patches and updates are stored in the game’s reserved space. If the game can’t get to the reserved space, it may show the dev error 6034. In this case, getting rid of the reserved space in the Modern Warfare game might solve the problem.

  • Move the cursor over Modern Warfare on Xbox and press the Options button to open the game menu.
  • Click on Manage Game and Add-ons now.
  • Open Modern Warfare on your Xbox and go to Manage Game & Add-ons.
  • Then, click on the Saved Data tab and open Reserved Space in the left pane.
  • Now, click Clear Reserved Space and then confirm to get rid of the reserved space.
  • Then, restart your console, and when it’s done, check to see if the dev error 6034 is gone.
  • If that didn’t work, try deleting the files from the game vault if the game files are saved on both the internal storage and the game vault (steps 1–3).

If the problem is with your computer or a laptop/notebook, you can try using Restoro Repair, which can scan the repositories and replace broken or missing files. Most of the time, this works when the problem is caused by a broken system.

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Solution 3: DNS Settings

When DNS settings aren’t set up right or aren’t optimized, the game will often stop or crash. Try changing the DNS to Google DNS or open DNS to see if that fixes the problem.

how to fix dev error 6034 on xbox one

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller to get to the Settings menu.
  • Open up the settings on your Xbox.
  • On the Settings tab, click Network.
  • Open Network in the Xbox Settings menu, and then open Advanced Network Settings.
  • Choose “Manually,” and then type the primary and secondary values into the boxes.
  • Open the Xbox’s DNS settings by hand.
  • When you use “or,” you can combine two or more commands into one.

Solution 4: Remove All the Game’s Add-ons and Data Packs

If the game’s data packs or add-ons have different information, the game might show the dev error 6034. In this case, removing the game data packs or add-ons might fix the problem. Remember that you can clear the Xbox’s mac address (Settings > General > Network Settings > Advanced Settings > Alternative Mac address > Clear) and restart the console to fix the problem if you are asked to buy the game after removing an add-on.

  • To open the game menu, move your Xbox controller over Modern Warfare and press the Options button.
  • Click on Manage Game and Add-ons now.
  • Then, click Add-ons and uncheck the boxes next to the following data packs. The name might be a little different. For example, Compatibility Pack 2 could be called Data Pack 2. (8 GB). Check the size of the pack as well:
  • The MP2 Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (size 9.1 GB)
  • The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Pack 3 is a collection of multiplayer maps (Size 3.4 GB)
  • Now, save your changes and turn the Xbox off and on again.
  • After you restart the Xbox, check to see if the dev error 6034 is gone.
  • If the problem keeps happening, try taking out the following packs to see if it goes away:
  1. MP Pack 3 (3.4 GB)
  2. Data Pack 2 (8.0 GB)
  3. Campaign and Spec Ops Pack (14.8 GB)
  4. MP Pack (9.1 GB)
  5. Data Pack 1 (18.0 GB)
  6. Survival Pack (5.9 GB)
  7. High Res Pack 1 (23.6 GB)
  8. Resolution Pack

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  • If not, try taking out all the packs except the ones below to see if the problem goes away:
    Base Game (80.0 GB)
  1. MP Pack (6.0 GB)
  2. MP and SPEC Ops Pack (6.7 GB)
  3. Campaign Pack (11.4 GB)
  4. The Spec Ops Pack (10.1 MB)
  5. High-Resolution Pack 3 (7.9 GB)
  6. Operator Pack (10.1 MB)
  7. Spec Ops Pack 1 (15.8 GB)
  8. Spec Ops Pack 2 (2.5 GB)
  9. High Res Pack 2 (9.9 GB)
  10. Campaign Pack 2 (10.1 MB)
  11. Campaign Pack 1 (10.1 MB)
  12. MP Pack 2 (22.1 GB)
  • If that didn’t work, try removing all data and texture packs except for the ones listed below to see if that fixes the problem.
  1. Pack 2 for online games (22.1 GB)
  2. Multiplayer pack (6.0 GB)
  3. Multiplayer and Special Ops pack (6.7 GB)
  • Set up the Multiplayer Pack, the Multiplayer and Special Ops Pack, and the Multiplayer Pack 2
  • Try reinstalling the Multiplayer pack if the problem keeps happening (6.0 GB).

If the problem still happens, try reinstalling the packs (mentioned in step 8) from the Store instead of the game to see if the dev error 6034 goes away.

Solution 5: Reinstall the Modern Warfare

If the problem keeps happening, you might need to reinstall the game. You should back up your important files before you do this. From the Games menu, choose Modern Warfare. From the Menu, choose Uninstall. Then, confirm that you want to uninstall Modern Warfare by clicking “Uninstall All,” and let the process finish. Once the reinstallation is finished, turn your console back on. Install the Modern Warfare game again when it starts up again, but only install these files:

  • Modern Warfare Base Game multiplayer 2 22.2
  • Multiplayer 6.0 Gb
  • Multiplayer and Special Ops 6.8 Gb

Start the game and check to see if error 6034 is still there.

Solution 6: Reset Defaults of The Game

If the problem is still there after reinstalling the game, it could be that the Xbox’s operating system (OS) is broken. The problem might be fixed by resetting the console. Make sure to back up the important data before you do this step. Open the Settings menu on the Xbox One and click on System.

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Now, go to Console Info and choose Reset Console. Open up the Xbox and reset it. Pick Reset and Keep My Apps and Games. Yes, to reset the console. Open up the Xbox and reset it. After you’ve put the console back to its original settings, reinstall Modern Warfare and hope that the error 6034 is gone. You have to restart your Xbox before you can play again.


You probably have a lot of fun if you have an Xbox. Any way you look at it, you need to be ready for sudden errors like dev error 6034 Xbox that can ruin your day. Call of Duty had developer error 6034. Xbox One shows that the files on the console aren’t working. You can turn it off and on again to fix any problems. There are a lot of things you can try to fix the 6034 error, but if none of them work, you should call customer service for more help.

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