How to Fix Error Code 1132 in Zoom?


If you see Zoom Error Code 1132, it means that you can’t start or keep a Zoom meeting going. There are bigger issues with the Zoom app or the way it is set up that make it hard to join Zoom meetings without any problems.

What Can Cause Zoom Error Code 1132?

  • People often get Error Code 1132 when their internet connections are too slow or don’t work right, which makes it hard to talk to Zoom servers. If the network isn’t stable, data can’t move, which could cause this error.
  • Firewall or Security Software: If your firewall or security software settings are too strict, they could accidentally block Zoom’s network communication. This would cause Error Code 1132. That’s why it’s important to follow these safety steps, but they can sometimes make Zoom less useful.
  • Old Version of the Zoom App: If you use an old version of the Zoom app, it might not work with newer versions, which could lead to Error Code 1132. An important part of changes is often adding security patches, fixing bugs, and speeding up the program so it works better.

zoom error code 1132

  • When you get Error Code 1132, it means that the starting files or settings for the Zoom program are broken. In this case, you might need to reload Zoom to get it to work again.
  • Conflicts with Other Apps: You might get Error Code 1132 if you use Zoom while other apps are running that aren’t meant to work with it. It is important to fix app problems so that everything works well.
  • The Error Code 1132 message could be caused by device drivers that are out of date or not working properly, especially those that deal with network links. If this is the case, Zoom might not be able to connect. Most of the time, these kinds of problems can be fixed by loading the most recent drivers. This also makes the system more stable in general.
  • What does Error Code 1132 mean? It means that the service might not be available for a short time because Zoom’s computers are down for maintenance or some other reason. Users can find out about any going on with Zoom’s servers and figure out if the problem is caused by a server by checking the status of those servers.

How to Fix Error Code 1132 in Zoom?

  • Look at your internet connection. Restart your router or modem if your link isn’t stable. If that doesn’t work, switch to a different network provider. The link mustn’t drop during Zoom talks.
  • Turn Off Firewall or Security Software: To see if they are blocking Zoom’s network tasks, turn off any firewall or security software for a short time. For safety’s sake, don’t forget to turn them back on after you patch them up.
  • Updates to the Zoom app: Install the most recent changes to keep the app up to date. Error Code 1132 problems can often be fixed by installing updates. These updates also make things run faster and fix important bugs.

zoom error code 1132

  • Getting the 1132 trouble code over and over? It’s possible that you need to remove and restart Zoom to fix any files or settings that aren’t working right. A clean update can usually fix problems that are caused by files or settings that aren’t working right.
  • Close Any Applications That Might Be Conflicting: To get rid of any conflicts that could be the problem, close any applications that are running at the same time as Zoom that aren’t needed. While Zoom is running, make sure this doesn’t get in the way of any other apps.
  • Keep your device drivers up to date: Make sure that all of your device drivers are up to date. Also, make sure that all of your network port drivers are up to date. When you try to connect to Zoom, you might get Error Code 1132 if your drivers are out of date or don’t work right.

zoom error code 1132

  • Use Zoom’s public channels to see if the problem is caused by a server outage or repair work. Check the Status of the Zoom Service. Figure out what went wrong so that the problem can be fixed by people who know how Zoom’s tools work.
  • You can get more help from Zoom’s customer service if none of these work. They can tell you how to fix the problem. Some people might say to fix the problem by adding more steps or making it more difficult.

Tips to Prevent Zoom Error Code 1132

  • To have a good Zoom meeting, you need to have a stable internet link. Choose a link that is fast and stable. The link has to be stable for video calls to work so that everyone can talk.
  • Keep Zoom Up to Date: Make sure the Zoom app always has the newest features and bug fixes by checking for and installing updates regularly. Safety and security problems can lead to the 1132 error number. These problems can be fixed by updating Zoom.
  • Avoid Network Congestion: Set your talk times for times when the network isn’t as busy to avoid network congestion and get a better link. This can help Zoom talks go smoothly and not end too soon.
  • Set up the firewall: Make changes to the firewall so that Zoom’s network data doesn’t get blocked by accident. Adding Zoom to the “whitelist” when you set up your firewall can help make sure you can still talk in meetings.
  • Close Apps You’re Not Using: To save system resources and speed up Zoom, all you have to do is close any computer tabs or apps that you’re not using. This can help people agree on something and make sure Zoom works well without putting too much stress on the tech.
  • A wired Ethernet link is the best way to connect to the internet when you can. This will make your link stronger and more stable. Digital links are more stable and less likely to break than wired ones.
  • Restart the gadgets About once a month: To fix problems before they happen and to make your network links work better, you should restart your computer, router, and modem. If you do this one easy thing, it will help fix any short-term problems and keep Zoom meetings running smoothly.


It’s important to know what Zoom Error Code 1132 means and why you might not be able to join a Zoom meeting. Users can improve their Zoom connection and see Error Code 1132 less often by using the fixes, tips, and best practices that have been talked about.

Also, make sure that the server is always getting updates and that all software and drivers are always up to date. This will help Zoom talks go better. People who know how to fix communication problems and follow these tips can get more out of Zoom and feel less pain from Error Code 1132.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I keep getting the 1132 error code?

If you keep getting Error Code 1132, you can make sure your internet connection is stable, update Zoom, or contact Zoom support for help.

Is the 1132 error caused by a device driver that is out of date?

Yes, device drivers that are out of date or don’t work right can cause the 1132 error and make it impossible to connect to Zoom. This is very important when you’re joining a network. To prevent this, make sure all of your drivers are up to date.

What do I do if Zoom doesn’t work?

To find out if Zoom will be down for maintenance or system problems, visit their status page or follow them on social media.

It says “1132.” Do I need to restart Zoom to fix it?

It’s possible that launch files or settings that don’t work right are to blame. If you reinstall Zoom, it might fix them. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, start Zoom up again.

How can I stop getting the 1132 error? Should I cease to use my router or safety software?

It’s not a good idea to turn off your firewall or other security tools for a long time. Because it’s safer, you should turn them off for a while while you fix them and then back on again.

Does anyone know of any problems with certain Zoom versions?

Error Code 1132 can happen with a lot of different types of Zoom. Some people have said that the most recent versions have problems. If these problems have been solved in newer versions, you can read the release notes to find out.

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