How To Fix LG Subwoofer Not Connecting To Soundbar?


Putting an LG subwoofer and a speaker together should make the sound more real because they work better together. What should you do if the speaker and soundbar don’t agree? After this, the sound might not work right. Find out in depth why your LG subwoofer might not connect to your speaker in this guide. It will also give you good tips on how to get your sound system working again.

Diagnosing the Disconnect

Before you look for a fix, you should know why the speaker and monitor might not be working together. There are a few usual things that could be wrong with your music system:

  • There are many signals in the air, and the subwoofer and soundbar might not be able to join wirelessly if there are nearby electronics or Wi-Fi networks.
  • Problems with Bluetooth: If your speaker and subwoofer connect to each other via Bluetooth, there may be problems with the link that make the relationship not work properly.
  • Trouble with the power source: A smart device would not work without its power supply. Maybe the speaker can’t make and keep a stable link if there isn’t enough power or something is wrong with the electricity.
  • There are things in the real world that can interfere with signals that are sent through the air. The sound from the speaker might not be able to get to the subwoofer because of walls, furniture, or other things.

Solutions to Reconnect Your LG Subwoofer and Soundbar:

Now that the background work is over, let’s look at the many ways you can get your LG subwoofer and speaker to work together again:

1. Move the bass speaker. Where you put the subwoofer is very important. Make sure nothing is in the way and stay in the area that was given. If you move it a little, you might get a better signal or even be able to join again.

2. Check the Power Supply: Your speaker’s power supply keeps it going, so check it all the time. Ensure you have a good way to plug it in and power it up. If you’re still not sure, try a different link or power source. If there are any power problems, this should fix them.

How To Fix LG Subwoofer Not Connecting To Soundbar?

3. Remove the Bluetooth link. If the speaker and subwoofer are linked by Bluetooth, you may need to remove the link. To try to pair them again, just turn both of them off and then back on. People need to start over every once in a while.

4. Make sure the program is up to date. Firmware updates are like blood that keeps things going in the tech world. Check to see if you need to replace both the speaker and the subwoofer. This is what manufacturers do to fix connection problems, speed things up, and make sure your gadgets always have the newest tech.

5. Get rid of anything annoying that’s wireless. Since the airwaves are shared, it is best to have as little radio interference as possible. Something else tech might need to be moved away from the speakers and subwoofer. Another thing you should do is see if your devices let you choose a less busy wifi channel.

How To Fix LG Subwoofer Not Connecting To Soundbar?

6. Look at how the speaker is set up. Make sure that the sound bar can see and link to the subwoofer by checking its settings. Check to see if the subwoofer is sleeping or setting it to “off.” It’s easy to wake up—just say “wake up.”

7. Put the speaker back together. Set up the speaker and subwoofer again by doing the careful dance. Learn how to make both of your devices work well with each other by reading the guides that came with them.

How To Fix LG Subwoofer Not Connecting To Soundbar?

8. Turn on the device again and return it to the way it was before. Restarting the computer from the beginning is sometimes the best way to fix a problem. You could finally set both the speaker and the subwoofer back to their normal settings. Sometimes link problems that won’t go away can be fixed by putting everything back the way it was.


You won’t get a good sound if you leave your subwoofer plugged in. It will sound like everything is out of sync. You can get the link between your LG subwoofer and speaker to work again by following the steps and making sure there are no problems. These steps are meant to give you back the full sound experience you want. You can change the software, move parts around carefully, or make sure the power is always on to do this. Don’t be scared to fix things when they go wrong. After that, let the beats flow again and fill your whole universe of sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just before we get into the huge world of making audio better, let’s answer a few problems that people often have:

The LG speaker won’t connect to the sound. Why does that take place?

Some things could go wrong with the power source, Bluetooth, or other wireless signals that could make the stars look off. Follow the tips in the testing steps to find the exact problem and fix it.

Can I join with a wire instead of WLAN?

The rules of the world are not set in stone. Some LG soundbars have wired connections that let you hook up the subwoofer. The Celestial user guide and specs can help you learn more about the wired ways that are out there.

What should I do if the speaker doesn’t make any sound after I connect it?

For this space adventure, you should not only directly connect the subwoofer, but you should also find it and set it up in the sound bar’s settings. If the strange silence doesn’t disappear, make sure the music is turned up. You may also need to force restart the device.

Do you have rules about where the speaker can go?

In fact, it does matter where you are in the cosmos dance. Make sure the subwoofer is in the right spot and that nothing in space is blocking the information from the speaker to the subwoofer.

How often should I look to see if there is new software?

There are many ways to dance in space, but each time the moves change. If the stars are bothering you, check the holy scrolls often to see if both the speaker and the subwoofer’s firmware have been updated. It’s better now that these changes have been made because they teach you new things and fix bugs.

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