How To Fix Sonos Beam Not Playing TV Sound?


While the Sonos Beam is known for having great sound, it does have a strange bug where it won’t play TV sound sometimes. This troubleshooting guide tells you exactly how to fix the problem where Sonos Beam isn’t playing TV sound. This way, you can quickly and easily get back to watching your favorite shows with the great sound that Sonos is known for.

Delving into Potential Causes

Take a moment to figure out why the Sonos Beam isn’t playing TV sound before you look for solutions. Here are some reasons that could be true:

  • Problems with the connection: If the Sonos Beam has link problems, it might not be able to play TV sound. This can happen with both HDMI-ARC and optical lines. It is very important to make sure that all of the links are safe. A weak link could make it hard to send sound without any issues.
  • Audio Settings Wrong: You might not be able to play sounds if you don’t set up the audio right on your TV or in the Sonos app. If you’re using an HDMI-ARC cable to connect your Sonos Beam, make sure that the audio output on your TV is already set to that type of cable.
  • Software or firmware that is no longer supported: If the TV software or firmware for the Sonos Beam is no longer supported, it might not work right. The software on your Sonos Beam should always be up to date. To update, start the Sonos app, go to Settings > System > System Updates, and then click “Update.” Also, make sure you check for program updates for your TV and install them if they are available.

Solutions to Address Sonos Beam Not Playing TV Sound

1. Setting up all the physical connections: The first thing you need to do is set up all the physical connections. This goes for both HDMI-ARC and optical links. As part of this, make sure the coaxial cable from the wall to the Virgin Media TV box is hooked up properly. Also, make sure your Ethernet or Wi-Fi link is stable if you have one.

2. Making sure the HDMI-ARC/CEC settings are correct: Make sure that HDMI-ARC and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) are turned on for both the TV and the Sonos Beam. It’s important for speech transmission that the devices can talk to each other without any problems.

How To Fix Sonos Beam Not Playing TV Sound?

3. Setting up the optical adapter: People who use an optical adapter need to make sure they do it right. You should connect the optical wire to the TV’s optical output and turn on the adapter if it needs to be. If the Sonos Beam won’t play TV sound, this careful setup will likely fix it.

4. Checking the TV Audio Settings: If your Sonos Beam is linked via HDMI-ARC, make sure that the audio output is set to HDMI-ARC. If it is not, select optical as the output type. This careful change makes sure that the sound settings on the TV match the type of connection that was picked.

How To Fix Sonos Beam Not Playing TV Sound?

5. Restarting gear: Most link issues can be fixed with a simple restart. The TV and the Sonos Beam should be turned off. After a short time, turn them both back on. Any short-term issues can be fixed by this short power outage, and voice transmission can return to normal.

6. Making sure your Sonos Beam has the latest software: Keep your Sonos Beam running at its best by making sure it has the latest software. To update, start the Sonos app, go to Settings > System > System Updates, and then click “Update.” If you regularly update the firmware, bugs are fixed and new features are added. This makes the listening experience safer.

7. Make sure your TV software is always Updated: This is very important. If your TV’s software needs to be updated, find them and install them. Outdated TV software can sometimes make it hard for the Sonos Beam to play TV sound easily.

How To Fix Sonos Beam Not Playing TV Sound?

8. Resetting the Sonos Beam to original settings: If nothing else works, you could try this. Be careful with this, because it will erase everything you’ve chosen. Getting help from Sonos has a guide on how to do a factory restart. Don’t use this choice unless all other options have failed. Give it a lot of thought first.


Finally, if you want to fix the issue where Sonos Beam isn’t playing TV sound, you need to plan your steps and fully understand all the possible reasons for this. Users can often get their music to play easily again after checking the physical links, settings, and firmware updates.

The steps for debugging are meant to help people fix the issue on their own. If problems keep happening, though, you should get help from Sonos’ customer service. Another great thing about the Sonos Beam is that it can give you a full, uninterrupted music experience. The great sound quality that the Sonos system offers means that you can watch your favorite shows again. Have fun hearing!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Sonos Beam not play TV sound?

You might be having trouble because of the link, the recording settings not being right, or old firmware. This guide tells you step-by-step how to fix these issues.

Should I check any of the TV’s sound settings?

Yes, ensure that both HDMI-ARC and CEC are turned on and that the TV’s audio output settings are set to the correct type of link (optical or HDMI-ARC).

How can I get the Sonos Beam app to work with the latest devices?

Do what it says in the Sonos app after opening it and going to Settings > System > System Updates.

Could you please turn the Sonos Beam off and on again?

If nothing else works, you should only do a factory restart one last time. When you use this method, be careful because it deletes all of your choices.

If the problem still appears after these fixes, what should I do?

Get in touch with Sonos’s customer service if the issue doesn’t go away. They can give you advice that is specific to your wants.

By going through the list of possible reasons and following the steps, you can figure out why your Sonos Beam isn’t playing TV sound. Again, have a great time with your sound!

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