Best Way to Fix the Action Center Not Opening in Windows 11!


There are a lot of new features and changes in Windows 11, but the Action Center is one of the most important ones. The Action Center is where you can see all of your messages, quick settings, and important system alerts at once.

This makes the working system easier for people to use. But some people have been upset because the Action Center won’t open or do anything. In this article, we’ll look at different ways to fix the problem “Windows 11 Action Center Won’t Open” so that users can use this important function again without any problems.

What is the Action Center in Windows 11?

In Windows 11, the Action Center is a screen that shows information from different apps as well as system alerts. Important settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lights, and more are easy to change. From the desktop, you can get to it. The Action Center makes sure that users know what’s going on with their system and get alerts from relevant apps, which makes them more productive overall.

Identifying the Causes of the Issue

Before getting to the answers, it’s important to know why the Action Center may not be opening:

1. Full Taskbar is Hidden

Sometimes it’s hard to find the Action Center button because the screen is full of other things.

2. An update to Windows is coming

Pending changes to Windows can cause problems and stop system parts like the Action Center from working the way they should.

windows 11 action center not opening: ways to fix

3. Trouble with third-party software

Some third-party apps can make Windows 11 not work right, like stopping the Action Center from working.

4. Corrupted system files

When system files are broken or missing, Windows 11 can run slower and cause problems with important features like the Action Center.

5. Outdated Drivers

Especially old graphics drivers can make it hard for the Action Center to work well and cause compatibility problems.

How to Fix the Problem with the Action Center Not Opening?

Now, let’s look at how to fix the issue “Windows 11 Action Center Won’t Open”:

1. Restart Your Computer

The first thing to do is to restart your computer, which is easy. This can solve a lot of problems in the short run.

2. Check Taskbar Settings

Make sure that the screen is not locked or set to go away automatically. If it is, the Action Center button might not show up.

3. Look for updates for Windows

Check for Windows updates, and if there are any, make sure to run them. They often fix bugs and add new features.

4. Do a clean start-up.

You can find out if the Action Center isn’t working right because of third-party software by doing a clean boot.

5. Run System File Checker (SFC) Scan

The SFC check can find and fix broken system files that might be stopping the Action Center from working.

windows 11 action center not opening: ways to fix

6. Update your video card drivers

Make sure that all of the drivers on your machine are up to date. When drivers are too old, they may not work well together.

7. Try the Windows Troubleshooter.

Troubleshooters are built into Windows and can find and fix many problems, including ones with the Action Center.

8. Sign up for a new account

You can figure out if the problem is with your current user account or if it is something else by making a new user identity.

Restoring Functionality to the Action Center

If none of the above works, you could try a system restore to take your machine back to a time when the Action Center was working.


Users can easily check for messages and change important settings with the Windows 11 Action Center. If “Windows 11 Action Center Won’t Open” is a problem you’re having, try the solutions in this post to get back to using this useful tool.

Keep your system up to date and use the right tools to get the best results. Windows 11 is great to use, and if you have any problems with the Action Center, fixing them will help you be more productive and enjoy the operating system more. To read more content like this, visit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I open the Action Center in Windows 11?

This problem could be caused by a number of things, such as hidden taskbar settings, delayed Windows patches, problems with third-party software, corrupted system files, or drivers that are too old.

How do I fix the issue “Windows 11 Action Center Not Opening”?

You can restart your computer, check the desktop settings, install Windows updates, do a clean boot, run a system file checker scan, update your graphics drivers, use Windows troubleshooters, or create a new user profile.

Can restarting the whole system fix the problem with the Action Center?

Yes, a system reset could make the Action Center work again by taking your computer back to a time when it was working well.

Should I update a certain driver or drivers?

It is especially important to update your graphics drivers because old ones can cause problems with the Action Center and other parts of Windows 11.

How can you use the Action Center to get more done?

Users can quickly get to important settings and messages by using the Action Center. This makes it easier and faster for them to keep up with the news and do everyday jobs, which increases their overall productivity.

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