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Fix the Pictures Not Showing Problem on Wiki

How to Fix the Pictures Not Showing on Wiki

How to Fix the Pictures Not Showing on Wiki. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Individual contributors, also called editors, are known as Wikipedians. 

Wikipedia aims to benefit readers by acting as a widely accessible and free encyclopedia, a comprehensive written compendium containing information on all branches of knowledge. A Wikipedia article aims to present a neutrally written summary of existing mainstream knowledge fairly and accurately in a straightforward way.

How to Fix the Pictures Not Showing on Wiki

Sometimes, when we try to read something, pictures don’t come, while Wikipedia explains everything with pictures. Instead of that, it shows me a border with the white background and the picture’s name.

Today in this article, we are telling you about this thing only. If you are also facing the same problem, you are reading the right article. To know about that and fix this problem, kindly read our article until the end.

Fixing “pictures Not Showing” Problem on Wikipedia

On google chrome, we can show or hide images. There is an option for this too. We want to show pictures; then we have to follow the below-written steps.

The same thing, we can do in the UC browser also. If you are on that, then follow the below written steps:

For Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer is old, but people still use it as one of the best browsers. Steps for internet explorer areas:

And For Safari:

Safari is an apple browser. You can follow the below written steps for that:

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Q1 Why are Images Not Loading on Wikipedia?

Ans: Due to some security reasons, modern browsers are not showing images that have an origin different from the host.

Q2 Is Wikipedia Inappropriate?

Ans Wikipedia is not safe for unwary, unattended children because Wikipedia is the best encyclopedia of everything. We can’t leave kids unattended.

Q3. How Do I Download an Image in Wikipedia?

Ans To download the image existing on Wikipedia to another project, you will need to download the image to your computer.

Q4 Can I Add Images to a Wiki Page?

Ans Yes, we can add images in Wikipedia also. To do that, follow the following steps:


Wikipedia is one of the biggest and best sites for the encyclopedia. We can see and read from anything to everything there. But sometimes, due to some technical issue, our picture is not visible. We have to follow a few steps (according to the browser we are using) to see that. We have explained them earlier in this article.

We hope your problem is resolved now. There is a simple set of few steps to do it. You can follow them and can see all pictures.

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