How To Fix the “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus?


They might not like the “Protected Content License Error” when they want to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on Disney Plus. What does this mistake mean? What could be causing it? How do I fix it? This guide has all the information you need. It even has questions that other people have asked to help you figure it out.

What Does the “Protected Content License Error” Mean?

What does it mean when Disney Plus says “Protected Content License Error”? That means there are problems with systems that protect digital content (DRM) that make it hard to watch or play protected content. Users can’t stream some videos on the app because of this bug.

Causes of the “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus

The “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus could be caused by many things, such as

  • DRM limits: A lot of people who own or license content may put DRM limits on Disney Plus that make it impossible to watch some things. People who make things should be able to protect their intellectual property rights with these rules.
  • Problems with Compatibility: Playback mistakes may happen if there are problems with how well the streaming device works with Disney Plus’s DRM. The mistake could have happened because some devices don’t fully support the DRM technology that the streaming app uses.
  • It could be because you’re using an old version of the Disney Plus app, which doesn’t work well with DRM methods. This is what went wrong. The app needs to be kept up to date so that it can work with the newest DRM methods.

protected content license error disney plus

  • Bad or slow internet link: If your internet connection is bad or slow, it can mess up the DRM authentication process and cause an error. The streaming device might not be able to get the rights to play protected material if it can’t connect to the internet properly.
  • The things Problems with licensing: Some material might not be available in some places because of problems with licensing or location, which could make it hard to play. The content sources make these rules, and they may be different for each person based on where they are.
  • Corrupted App Data: The problem could be Disney Plus app files or data that isn’t working right, which could make it hard to log in with DRM. Might be fixed if you clear the app’s files or run it again.
  • Problems with the servers: If Disney Plus’s servers are down for maintenance or have short-term problems, they could mess up the DRM login process, which could make it impossible to play. People who use the site may see the mistake when it is busy or being worked on.

How To Fix the “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus?

People who are using Disney Plus and get the “Protected Content License Error” can try these things:

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of the Disney Plus app for your streaming device. You can find it in the app shop. This will make sure that it works on that device and fix any DRM bugs.
  • Watch how you connect to the internet. Make sure it works well and is stable enough to stream Disney Plus material. If your internet is slow, use a wired link or reboot your router.

protected content license error disney plus

  • Start-Up Streaming Device: You can start up your streaming device to clear its settings and possibly fix any short-term problems that could be causing the error. If you turn the device off and on again, you can delete any saved data and join the network again.
  • If the Apple TV app is giving you trouble, clear its cache and data to get rid of any broken files or temporary data that might be to blame. You can do this in the gadget settings menu or the app settings menu.
  • If you are using a VPN or proxy service, turn it off for a short time. Because it could mess up how you log in to Disney Plus with DRM. You can hide your IP address and change how data goes through a network with proxy servers and VPNs. This could cause DRM errors.

protected content license error disney plus

  • If you can, try watching Disney Plus on a different device that works with it to make sure that the one you’re having trouble with is the only one. You could try it with a different device to see what went wrong and if there are any problems with how well it works with that one.
  • Call Disney Plus customer service if none of these steps work. They can give you more help and more steps to take. Disney Plus’s customer service team can help you more specifically and show you more steps to take to fix the problem.

Tips for Troubleshooting the “Protected Content License Error”

This is what you can do if you get the “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus:

  • Sign up for a fast internet service. To make the DRM authentication process go smoothly, make sure you have a fast and stable internet link. For the best service, connect your streaming device to a stable Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet cable.
  • Get the latest software for your device. Make sure that the software on your streaming device is always up to date if you want to keep using Disney Plus’s DRM. If you’re having trouble playing, getting new software can help. It works better and gets rid of bugs.
  • You shouldn’t watch content that is stolen or against the law on Disney Plus because it could mess up the DRM. Use approved sites that have already been checked out instead. Making sure you only get material from official sources will help you stay away from DRM restrictions and playback issues.
  • If you want to know if Disney Plus is down or having issues, you can check their service status page or their social media pages every once in a while. Disney Plus may post about repair or service breaks that could make it harder to watch or play videos.
  • Should You Get an Error with Just One Title? If that happens, switch to a different Disney Plus show to see if it happens on all of them. There are times when you might not be able to play some games because of limitations on your license or technical problems. You can figure out what’s wrong by trying out different things.
  • Keep the drivers for your gadget up to date. This is very important for the tools that handle graphics. Make sure that all of your device’s drivers are up to date if you want Disney Plus’s DRM to work with it. Drivers that are out of date or not right for the device can make streaming and playing music and videos not work. Make sure you always check the manufacturer’s website for new information to avoid this.


The Disney Plus “Protected Content License Error” can also be annoying, but it can be fixed properly if you know the right steps to take. Follow the troubleshooting tips and try to figure out what might have caused the mistake. Then Disney Plus users will be able to watch their favorite movies and shows without any issues. Don’t be afraid to call Disney Plus customer service if you’re still having problems after trying the suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I keep getting the “Protected Content License Error” message on Disney Plus. Why is that?

The mistake could be caused by a number of things, including DRM limits, problems with the hardware or the network, or app data that isn’t working right.

What can I do to stop Disney Plus from giving me the “Protected Content License Error” thing?

You could check that you can connect to the internet, update the app, restart the device, clear the app cache, use a different device, disable VPN or proxy, or call Disney Plus support for help.

Does using a VPN or proxy server cause the “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus?

It’s true that VPN or proxy sites can make it hard to register DRM, which can stop music from playing. They should be turned off for a short time before you watch Disney Plus.

A lot of the time, does Disney Plus have the “Protected Content License Error”?

It’s not often that mistake happens, but it could be because of bugs in the software, DRM limits, or problems with the network. It can be fixed right, though, if you follow the fixes and tips given.

The “Protected Content License Error” on Disney Plus can’t be fixed by which of these? What must I do?

There are more things you could try if none of those work. You could call Disney Plus’s customer service for personalized help.

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