How to Fix Vudu App Not Working Issue?


A lot of people like to rent or buy movies and TV shows on Vudu and then watch them. But it can have issues that make it not work right, just like any other app. The Vudu app won’t start, buffers too slowly, or crashes? This guide will help you figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

What Are Common Vudu App Issues?

Before we talk about how to fix them, here are some of the most common issues people have with the Vudu app:

  • If the app won’t load, it could be because of a bug in the app, a network issue, or a server going down.
  • What does buffering or slowing mean? When you buffer, it could be because of a bad internet connection or with the website.
  • An app might crash because of a bug in the software, lost data, or not enough resources on the device.
  • There may be problems with playback if the files are damaged or if the types don’t work with each other.
  • Not Being Able to Log In: If your passwords are wrong or there are issues with the system, you might not be able to log in.

Fixes for Vudu App Not Working Issue

1. Check Your Internet Connection

You need a stable internet connection for video services to work. Make sure that your internet isn’t broken.

  • Open your computer browser and go to a site to check your link.
  • If you are having trouble with the internet, you can either restart your router or call your ISP.
  • This will make the connection more solid. Make sure your device is linked to Wi-Fi instead of cellular data.

2. Restart the Vudu App

A simple restart can sometimes fix glitches and problems that only last for a short time.

  • Turn off the Vudu app.
  • Open the app again after a short time.
  • Check to see if the issue is still there.

How to Fix Vudu App Not Working Issue? Troubleshooting Guide

3. Update the Vudu App

Things might not work right when you use old apps. Make sure you have the latest Vudu app.

  • Find the Google Play Store on your phone. Go to the App Store for iOS.
  • Find the Vudu app.
  • Tap Update if there is one.

4. Clear Cache and Data

Bugs caused by broken files can be fixed by clearing the cache and data.

  • Tap on Vudu when you find it in Settings.
  • Store things.
  • After clicking on Off, click on Clear Cache.

It’s a shame that Apple iOS devices don’t have an easy way to clear cookies. It’s possible that you need to delete the app and then open it again.

How to Fix Vudu App Not Working Issue? Troubleshooting Guide

5. Restart Your Device

By restarting your device, you can fix bugs in the software and make the system work better.

  • Turn your device off.
  • After a short time, turn it back on.
  • Open the Vudu app again and see if the problem is still there.

6. Check for Device Updates

Make sure that the system that your gadget is using is the most recent version. You can fix bugs and make the gadget work better by updating it.

  • In the settings menu, go to System and then click on Software Update.
  • If there is an update, take the steps shown on the screen to get it.

7. Reinstall the Vudu App

You can try getting the app again if the issue is still there.

  • Save the Vudu app to your phone or tablet.
  • You can get the Vudu app again from the computer’s app store.
  • After you open the app, log in to your account.

How to Fix Vudu App Not Working Issue? Troubleshooting Guide

8. Check Vudu Server Status

Vudu might be to blame sometimes. Take a look to see if anyone has heard of any server repair or downtime.

  • You can find news about Vudu on its main website or on its social media pages.
  • If free tools like DownDetector are giving you trouble, see if other Vudu users are too.

9. Contact Vudu Support

If none of these work, you might need to contact Vudu Support for more help.

  • Check out Vudu’s Help page.
  • Check out the help pages or call their customer service team.


The Vudu app is a handy way to watch movies and TV shows, but it can give you trouble from time to time. If you follow these steps, you should be able to get the Vudu app to work again. You can get your Vudu app back up and running by following these steps. You may need to check your internet connection, update the app, clear your cache and data, or even contact support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I can’t get the Vudu app to work right. Why does that happen?

Most of the time, delay issues are caused by a bad internet connection. Make sure your online connection is fast and stable. You could also connect to a different network or restart your computer.

How do I fix Vudu plays that don’t work?

If you’re having trouble playing, clear the app’s cache and data, update the app, or check to see if your device has any changes. Check to see if the gadget can play the things you want to play.

What’s wrong with my Vudu account?

You might not be able to log in if your passwords are wrong or if the site is down. Double-check your username and password, and visit Vudu’s public channels to see if the servers are down right now.

What should I do to keep my Vudu app up to date?

Go to your device’s app store and search for Vudu. If you find an update, all you have to do is tap Update. Making sure the app is always up to date can fix a lot of issues.

What should I do if the Vudu app keeps getting stuck?

That’s because bugs or bad data could be making software crash a lot. To fix the problem, restart your device, clear the app’s cache and data, update it, or reload it.

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