How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d?


You might really enjoy Xbox games, but bugs can be a pain. One of these is Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d. It’s hard to use apps and play games without any lag. This help will tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it so you can play games without any problems.

What is Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d?

The Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d is often seen when users try to add games or apps, download them, or make changes to them. When people do this, they often have trouble downloading, which means they can’t see the newest movies or songs. Find out what’s wrong and fix it in a way that works.

Common Causes of Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d

  • Connection Problems: Most of the time, an Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d is caused by a link that isn’t stable or strong enough. This mistake can happen if the network goes down while the download is going on, if the speed isn’t fast enough, or if signs in the area get messed up.
  • If an Xbox doesn’t have enough room for games, users may see Error Code 0x87e0000d. This message comes up when you don’t have enough space to download or run games or apps.
  • Broken Game or App Files: You might get the error code 0x87e0000d if the files in the game or app that you are trying to download are broken. They make the download process hard and fail because these files are broken.
  • Not Being Able to Log In: If you can’t get into your Xbox account, you might also see the error number 0x87e0000d. As long as you can’t prove who you are, the file or update process may end.
  • No Service on Xbox Live: Users may see Error Code 0x87e0000d when they try to download or update material when Xbox Live’s service is down. Because they depend on Xbox Live, they might not work right if the service goes down.

How To Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d?

Method 1: Check and Improve Network Connectivity

It is very important to fix problems with the network. For downloads, you might want to use a wired link so that you don’t get interrupted. Also, make sure that your link to the internet is strong and stable. Get rid of the mess and turn your computer back on. Look for other devices that are using a lot of data and get rid of anything that could be blocking the signal.

Method 2: Free Up Storage Space

Your Xbox needs more space. Don’t use any of the games or apps that are on your phone, and think about putting bigger items on a flash drive. You should make sure that your gadget has enough space for the update or download.

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d

Method 3: Delete Corrupted Files

If the error is caused by damaged files, get rid of the game or app that is giving you trouble. You should download the file again after deleting it to make sure you get a new set of files that aren’t broken.

Method 4: Reauthenticate Your Account

Make sure you’re logged in to your Xbox account. Leave the game for a while, start it again, and then come back. Make sure your account is right, then try again to download or stay up to date.

Method 5: Check Xbox Live Service Status

Check to see how Xbox Live services are running before you try to fix anything. Things should be put off until they are fixed if they aren’t coming back on. You can check the Xbox website or social media pages to see how your service is doing right now.

Method 6: Reset Console Cache

You can clear your browser’s cache to fix Error Code 0x87e0000d. First, turn off the Xbox. Next, take it out of the wall. Finally, put it back in. It will start up again after that. The mistake might be fixed after this clears the cookie.

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d

Method 7: Change DNS Settings

If you change your Xbox’s DNS settings, you might be able to join better. To fix network problems, you could manually set the DNS to Google’s public DNS (Primary:, Secondary: or another reliable DNS service.


Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d can be annoying, but users can quickly get past it if they know what caused it and how to fix it. Make sure the Xbox user can connect to the network and log in to their account or storage space. If they can do those things, they should be able to play games again without any problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does 0x87e0000d mean when it comes to Xbox?

You might get Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d if you can’t connect to the internet, your hard drive is full, game or app files are damaged, you’re having trouble getting into your account, or the Xbox Live service stops working.

How can I speed up the time it takes for my Xbox to connect to the internet?

Make sure your internet connection is strong and stable. If you can, use a wired link and get rid of anything that might get in the way. There are gadgets that are taking up a lot of time. Turn your router off and on again.

What should I do if there aren’t enough games on my Xbox?

Get rid of games or apps you don’t use and move big files to an extra hard drive to free up room. Make sure you have enough room to download or update everything you want to.

How can I tell if Xbox Live is down?

You can check out the company’s website or social media pages to see what’s going on with Xbox Live right now. If services are down and won’t be back up until they are, don’t try to download or update anything.

To fix Error Code 0x87e0000d, do I need to sign in to my Xbox account again?

Verifying your Xbox account again can help if you’re having trouble getting in. Do these things: Log off, turn the machine back on, and then log back in. Make sure you use the right account information this time.

What does it mean to clear the computer’s cache?

Getting rid of the terminal cache can fix a lot of problems, including the one that gives you the Code 0x87e0000d. Pull the Xbox’s power cord out and turn it off. Then, wait a while and turn it back on. This will get rid of the cache.

Xbox Error Code 0x87e0000d can be fixed by changing the DNS settings.

If you change your DNS settings to a safe source, like Google’s public DNS, you might be able to connect better and fix the network problems that are giving you the error.

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