How to Get an Invisible Item Frame in Minecraft?


People who play the very famous sandbox game Minecraft can change many things about it to make it more fun. One of these ways to make changes is to use the hidden item frame. You can use it to make builds that look real and smooth. You can get hidden item frames in Minecraft. This guide will show you how to get them and how to use them best.

What are Invisible Item Frames?

Like the name says, these are item frames that don’t show up in the game world when they’re put there. Normal item frames show the item inside them, but invisible item frames fit in with their surroundings. This lets players show off their stuff without anyone seeing the frame. This feature comes in handy when you want to make shows that look good or hide useful parts inside builds.

How to Get Invisible Item Frames?

To get invisible item frames in Minecraft, you have to both make things and collect resources. Do these things to get see-through item frames:

  • Gather Resources: First, get the things you’ll need to make frames for items and drinks that hide you. Sticks and leather are what you’ll need to make item cases. You’ll need spider eyes and gold carrots to make drinks that hide you.
  • Craft Item Frames: You can use sticks and leather on the making table to make frames for crafts. Put sticks in the middle and bottom-center slots of the grid to make, and put leather in the middle slot. For every recipe, this will make one item frame.

How to Get an Invisible Item Frame in Minecraft

  • Potions of Invisibility: To make potions of invisibility, put spider eyes and gold carrots in a teapot. You can ferment spider eyes by mixing them with water bottles. Then, you can breed these with gold carrots to make drinks that hide you.
  • Before you use potions on item frames, you need to make them and then mix them in the making table to make item frames that no one can see. In the making grid, put an item frame and a drink that makes you invisible. This will make an item frame that no one can see.
  • Put Invisible Item Frames Anywhere: You can put your invisible item frames anywhere in the game world once you have them. They won’t be seen after you put them down, so you can show off things without the frame being seen.

Tips for Using Invisible Item Frames

  • Putting: To make your builds look the way you want them to, try putting unseen item frames in different places and ways.
  • Combine with Redstone Contraptions: To make hidden devices and traps, add Redstone contraptions with item frames that can’t be seen.
  • Use for Decor: With invisible item frames, you can make patterns that are simple and sleek. These designs look great in modern builds or as home decor.

How to Get an Invisible Item Frame in Minecraft

  • Hiding Useful Parts: To keep your builds looking neat and smooth, hide useful parts like hidden doors, switches, or buttons behind frames that people can’t see.
  • Think About the Lighting: When putting frames around things that can’t be seen, you should think about the lighting because the frames might show up in some lighting effects or at certain angles.


With invisible item frames, Minecraft players can make their builds better in a lot of different ways. There are a lot of different ways that invisible item frames can be used. They can be used to decorate, make something work better, or hide the logic. This guide will show you how to use hidden item frames to get the most out of them. You can take your Minecraft experience to a whole new level by doing this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On shared computers, can item frames be used that can’t be seen?

Invisible item frames do work in multiplayer sites just like they do in single-player games. People who play in the same game world can use them for different things.

Can invisible frames be put in certain places?

You can put item frames that aren’t seen on most solid things in the game, like floors, walls, and ceilings. They can’t be put on clear blocks or liquids, though.

Can mobs or other players see frames around things they can’t see?

In answer to your question, A3, no, other players or mobs can’t see item frames that you can’t see.

Do I need any special tools to get rid of or work with item frames that I can’t see?

Not at all. You can remove and work with unseen item frames the same way you do with regular ones. Just right-click on them with an empty hand to get rid of them. Use something like shears to get rid of them.

Do all versions of Minecraft have see-through item frames?

Invisible item frames were added in Minecraft Java Edition 1.14; you can also find them in Bedrock Edition and later versions of the game. It may depend on the Minecraft server or version, though, how they can get to it.

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