How to Get Shells in Lego Fortnite?


Players find a lot of different things in Lego Fortnite, which is an adventure and creation game. Each thing has its own value. Out of all these useful things, shells can be used to make the most different things. They can do more and make your work look better. In Lego Fortnite, there are lots of fun ways to get shells and make your builds look more like they belong on the coast. Join us as we talk about all of them in detail. Let’s talk about how to get shells and build better.

Search Seashore Areas

Seashores on the Lego Fortnite map are filled with shells, which makes you feel like you’re at the beach. This wealth can be hidden in the beautiful scenery of beaches and rocky shores. Anyone smart will be able to find them. When you visit the coast, you can do more than just look for rocks. It turns into a fun activity that brings you closer to the world’s natural beauty in Lego Fortnite.

Engage in Underwater Exploration

There is a huge world below the top of Lego Fortnite that goes on for a long way. Go on a trip and do a deep dive to find shells that are hidden in the water. These riches are hidden on the ocean floors and coral reefs, which are also very healthy environments. Going underwater and looking around is more fun than looking on land. You can do new things and have a better time in Lego Fortnite with each dive.

Rollers that give out shells can be found all over Lego Fortnite, but not in the same place. Each world is unique. They are usually found in fields. They look a lot like the little rocks in the game. The small leaf on top of them will make them stand out. They will also be bigger than the rough rocks.

If you want to find Rollers, you might have to look all the way through the Glades area. Make sure you do that because each one drops only one shell. Don’t forget where your town is on the way, so you can safely return. You should bring some tools with you in case you run into wolves or other bad people.

how to get shells in lego fortnite

When you find a Roller, you’ll need to beat it to get some shells. Even though they are small, they are a very strong enemy. Bring a sword and maybe a shield. Things that you have on your making bench can help you make them. Here’s how to quickly beat a Roller if you have a sword:

  • Get at least a sword and a shield to start if you have to.
  • The Roller will rise from the ground as you get closer. It will probably then start spinning, which means it’s getting ready to attack.
  • You can jump or run away from the Roller when it comes at you. You can attack when it starts to rise again. A shorts word should only need eight hits to kill it. After that, one shell will fall off.

Participate in Fishing Activities

But fishing in Lego Fortnite isn’t just a way to unwind; it’s also a fun and useful thing to do. You can make a fishing rod out of Lego Fortnite and throw your line into the water. Another fun thing to do is go fishing. You can catch fish and gather shells. Fishing is both relaxing and exciting, which makes it a complex activity.

Complete Ocean-Themed Challenges

New jobs and tasks are added to Lego Fortnite every time the theme changes. Keep an eye on your task log for challenges that have to do with the ocean. For many of them, you’ll need to collect shells. These jobs not only help you move forward in the game, but they also show how what you do fits into the bigger story of Lego Fortnite. Each shell you find makes the story of your trip longer.

Trade with Other Players

In Lego Fortnite, the idea comes up that everyone should work together to trade resources. Shells are the best thing to trade for cash when you really need it. When people play Lego Fortnite together, they help each other the most. Traders are quick to get you what you need and can also help you meet new people. When you trade in Lego Fortnite, you can meet new people and plan your next move. People in the neighborhood share what they have and work together.

how to get shells in lego fortnite

Explore Hidden Coves and Islands

Lego Fortnite has lots of secret coves and islands that are full of prizes like shells. People who like to explore will love them. People who want to find out what these secret places hold may need to be brave and interested. They may not show up on the map right away. With the help of a computer, you set out to find these secret gems. Each one you find tests how well you can look around.

Keep an Eye on Seasonal Events

Life in Lego Fortnite is never the same. Every season, events add new jobs, quests, and supplies. At these times, shells often play a big role, giving players unique chances to get this resource in creative ways. Attend events, pay attention to the changes that happen every year, and don’t miss the chance to collect shells at parties. When you play Lego Fortnite, events that only happen once a year become real parts of your story.


In Lego Fortnite, start looking for shells. They hang out in hidden places, on beautiful beaches, and in the ocean. There are many ways to get shells and make your building adventures better in the world of Lego Fortnite. You can fish, do chores, and trade with other players, among other things. Please use the many shells in this made-up world to make your art better.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On the Lego Fortnite map, where can I find shells?

You can find shells near the water, on the beach, and in secret places. Shells are most often found near the shore or on the ocean bottom, so there are many places to look.

Is the only way to get shells in Lego Fortnite to fish?

One way to get shells is to fish, but there are other ways too. You can look around on the beach, do things underground, trade with other players, or do challenges. With the different ways, your plans to get resources are more all-around.

In Lego Fortnite, do shells help you make certain things?

You can make many things with shells in Lego Fortnite. They give you new things to make, which makes your builds more fun. Plus, they make your work look better.

How often do Lego Fortnite holiday events happen, and how do I join?

The people who make Lego Fortnite plan to add special events from time to time. Pay close attention to what’s being said in-game, join in on events as they happen, and accept the themed tasks and quests that come up at these times to join.

Can I trade shells with other people? What do most people trade shells for if that’s true?

People can trade shells with each other in the Lego Fortnite group where everyone works together. Shells are often traded for extra building supplies, other crafting supplies, or one-of-a-kind things. It’s more fun and useful to trade goods, and it forces players to talk to each other and make plans together.

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