I want to talk to you about the importance of a big part of online marketing – mobile marketing. This part of the industry is relatively new. Only now marketers see that they can seriously profit from mobile customers. If they won’t adjust to the market, somebody else will and the non-mobile companies will lose quite a big share of their potential customers.

Nowadays everybody has smartphones.

In 2011, mobile search increased by 400%. And just 4 days ago Google announced that their mobile revenue will go up to 8$ billion from “just” 2.5$ billion in 2011 (including Google Play payments). According to Google, most revenue still comes from advertising.

One thing I discovered while working on the campaigns of my clients is that mobile customers behave very differently compared to regular customers who visit the website from a desktop computer. The most obvious example: people are spending WAY less money on products from their phone. It is a pattern across all clients and websites I have ever seen.

According to Forrester’s research, the US “mcommerce” (which stands for mobile ecommerce) market will grow to 31$ billion by 2016. That’s a lot of money. And I am more than sure that every company would like to have a share of this market.

It’s very unfortunate that there are still a lot of businesses which do not target mobile customers in any way. Some of them still use Flash websites which most smartphone users simply can’t view! A recent study shows that non-mobile friendly sites turn away customers. I think that it’s time for each and every business to go mobile!

3 Steps to Get Started in Mobile Marketing

There are a few ways a business can ensure that it’s not losing its mobile customers:

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Mobile friendly does not simply mean that it’s smaller than your normal website. That means that the information on the website should be simpler and shorter. Nobody likes to read a very long and complicated text on a mobile phone.
  • If you own an online shop you can use a tool to optimise your shop for smartphones and tablets.
  • Use images: the less customers think, the better. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
2. Create mobile ad campaigns!

If you are already running online advertising campaigns than the following is for you.

  • Make use of all different extras! For example, Google AdWords has two ad-extensions just for mobile: click to call and the extension which lets a user download your app directly (if you have one). You can also track every phone call from the Google search to the conversion.
  • Use mobile display banner ads. There are lots of companies that will make the retargeting work for you. You can spread your ads through browser ads or even within specific apps using different mobile advertising networks. It’s up to you.

3. Make your website fast!

  • A 2011 research suggested that one second of increased page load time could cost Amazon 1.6$ billion in sales!
  • Use reliable hosting services
  • Mobile users are always moving and don’t want to wait for ages. You can compress some of your PNG images with TinyPNG.

These few steps will help you to increase your mobile sales and make your mobile customers stay with you. I hope that this article helped you realise the huge potential of mobile marketing and advertising.

If you are interested in that subject, there is a very nice and informative book about mobile marketing – “Go Mobile” by Jeanne Hopkins, the VP of Marketing at Hubspot.