How to Install Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint?


In the wide world of Linux distributions, one popular variant is Linux Mint, which is renowned for its adaptability and user-friendly interface. If you are using Linux Mint and you want to change to Microsoft Edge as your default browser, you are going to have a great time. This tutorial is more than just a road map; it will guide you through every step of installing Microsoft Edge on your Linux Mint computer.

Microsoft Edge in the Linux Mint Cosmos

Microsoft Edge is a browser that has progressed from its Windows-only origins and is tightly connected with the Microsoft ecosystem. What makes it so attractive is its seamless feature integration, which includes support for Chrome extensions and a beautiful user interface. Edge’s canvas was designed with Windows computers in mind, but Linux users can now experience the surfing symphony as well.

The Installation of Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint

Let us gracefully go through the various stages of the installation procedure to ensure that the transition to Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint is not only seamless but also a harmonic blend of technology and user experience.

1. Starting the Terminal: Consider the Terminal as your portal to Linux Mint’s paradise. To activate it, either search for it concealed in your application menu or press Ctrl + Alt + T. It’s an entrance to the virtual theater where the play is directed by orders.

2. Importing the Microsoft GPG Key: The first step is to import the Microsoft GPG key, which is a representation of safe installs. Watch as the command manifests itself on the terminal screen: wget -q code -O- | sudo apt-key add 

How to install Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint

3. Including Microsoft’s Edge Repository: Now let’s use Paint to add the repository to the Linux Mint canvas. This repository is the source of the packages needed to install Edge. Apply these instructions with the agility of a paintbrush:

sudo sh -c ‘echo “deb [arch=amd64] stable main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/microsoft-edge.list’

How to install Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint

4. Updating the Package List: Before the large installation, let’s make sure the system is configured to the new repository. The terminal becomes a venue for the instruction:

sudo apt update

5. Installing Microsoft Edge: The precursor to the installation starts when the curtain opens and the audience sits down. Use the following command to launch the installation ballet:

sudo apt install microsoft-edge-dev

Similar to selecting the development version, this function ensures you receive the most recent features and updates—the throbbing heart of digital performance.

How to install Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint

6. Launching Microsoft Edge: As the installation comes to an end, it’s time to unveil the star of the show. To get the terminal to listen, either say “microsoft-edge-dev” quietly or open Microsoft Edge from the program menu.

Tips and Tricks in the Linux Mint Symphony

Now that Microsoft Edge has graced the digital scene, let’s look at some tricks and techniques to enhance your browsing and make it a symphony of exploration and personalization.

1. Syncing Your Microsoft Account: To synchronize your passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history across the many digital devices you own, use Edge to log in with your Microsoft Account. This produces a melodic data chorus.

2. Examining Edge Settings: To alter the look and feel of your web browser, navigate to Edge’s settings. Change the tab page design, modify privacy settings, and make use of the plethora of options that are just waiting for you to find them.

3. Chrome Web Store Extensions: The Chrome Web Store becomes an absolute treasure trove when Edge graciously allows its Chrome relative’s extensions. Take off and customize your Edge with the add-ons that best suit your preferred pace of use on the internet.

4. Setting Edge as the Default Browser: To set Edge as the dominant browser in your virtual realm, go to Linux Mint’s settings. Head to “Preferred Applications,” where the coronation celebration is waiting for you. Start a kingdom of browsing by switching to Microsoft Edge as your primary browser.


The installation of Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint is revealed in the grand finale to be more than just a technicality; rather, it is an orchestration of technology and user experience, akin to a symphony. With a few tweaks and some exploration, Edge integrates seamlessly with Linux Mint. Regardless of what drew you in—features, performance, or compatibility—this guide will equip you to navigate the installation with confidence and composure.

Remember that the internet world is your stage as the digital curtains rise. Approach it with the inquisitiveness and confidence of a digital maestro.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s lighten the path with answers to commonly asked questions as the process of installing Microsoft Edge on Linux Mint draws to a close so that eager travelers may make sense of it all.

Is Microsoft Edge for Linux operating in the same manner as Windows?

The fundamental features of Microsoft Edge are actually the same across all platforms. However, certain aspects that are particular to the special qualities of each platform could have a few minor variations.

How Often Should I Update Microsoft Edge on Linux?

The digital world is dynamic, and the ballet’s choreography is its edge updates. Either you can take control and manually check via the terminal, or you can let your system’s package manager notify you when updates are available.

Is It Possible to Import Bookmarks from Another Browser?

The Edge settings symphony now has a function for bookmarks and other data imports. Navigate to settings, select “Profiles,” and then savor the symphony of data import as your bookmarks seamlessly integrate with Edge features.

Is It Possible to Use Microsoft Edge Development Builds Every Day?

The development builds of Edge include the most recent features and can be used as a creative blank canvas. The Beta channel is a more developed version of the browser that consumers looking for reliability can use, even though there may be occasional faults throughout the performance.

How Can Linux Mint Get Rid of Microsoft Edge?

If you would choose to end this virtual romance for any reason, type the following command into the terminal to add a coda to the Edge symphony: codesudo apt remove microsoft-edge-dev bashCopy. This command removes the Edge package from your system gently, bringing a stop to this digital performance.

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