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How to Maintain and Promote the Instagram Account of a Beauty Master

The beauty industry is highly competitive. A typical client scenario: they open Instagram, look for a master, pay attention to the account, photos of works, look at stories and scroll through highlights with descriptions of services and prices. Based on this, they draw conclusions and write in direct (or not write). Therefore, it is important for masters to correctly maintain their account.

In this article we will try to tell you how to do it to spend less money on promotion and rarely buy Instagram followers.

How to create an account profile

Main photo

If you are a private beauty artist, it would be better to use your personal photo. It inspires confidence and tells your followers that you are human too.

A corporate logo is suitable for a beauty salon, so you form the memory of your name among the audience.

Profile header

Clearly and clearly you need to prescribe who you are, what you do and list the types of services. Plus, it is important to indicate how you will be useful or how you differ from competitors, that is, to form a unique selling proposition.


You can add separate categories in the process of work, but icons in the same style can be made right away. They can resonate with your logo (can be ordered from a designer) or be in the same style and direction as your beauty service theme.

Content plan for a beauty master

When writing a content plan, you need a system. It will not be very interesting if the account contains the same type of work examples all the time.

It is better to make a content plan in advance, at least a week in advance and at least for posts. With stories, you can act more situationally. For a private beauty master, you need to add personal stories, share your attitude to something and show that you are an open person.

How to start blogging

Everyone knows that the hardest thing is to start. Therefore, you need to answer the question: what tone will be in your posts and in your narrative? Purely business or friendly? Got it? Now build off that tone and start posting.

If you don’t know what to write about, then start writing from the heart and specifically in your niche. The easier the style is, the more likely you are to be understood.

Mistakes in maintaining a beauty account

1. Poor quality photos

The look does not catch on, nothing can be considered, the client will pass by. We don’t need this.

What exactly is prohibited:

2. Irregular posting

Imagine that a potential client came to you, there are no stories and the last post was a month ago. The question may arise as to why following you, because the account is not even maintained. A content plan will help with regular posting. Write posts in advance and plan their release.

3. Too serious, pretentious and distant dialogue with the audience

So you will never be able to swing subscribers and increase engagement. because there will be a feeling of soullessness. You have to show that you are the same person, open and cool, while still a master of your craft. Talk to your audience in plain language and people will come to you.

How to promote a beauty account

Now we can talk about attracting new subscribers! Without promotion, no one really needs content and, of course, you will have to deal with advertising. Ideally, of course, hire a specialist or learn targeted advertising on your own.

You can also use free promotion methods:

  1. Choose hashtags to drive traffic from search.
  2. Personally subscribe to the audience and put likes / write comments.
  3. Advertise on other blogs through barter.
  4. Ask customers to subscribe for a discount or bonus.
  5. Ask customers to post a review in their stories mentioning you.
  6. Indicate the account on business cards, banners and other printed materials.
  7. Collaborative live streams with other accounts from the related industry.


Finally, we would like to say that the main thing is customers who are satisfied with the service. The more good reviews and mentions in stories, the faster and more actively your account will grow. And with it comes a flood of new customers. Engage in content: write from the heart, take high-quality pictures and be friends with the audience.


John Bierman is a techie, and has been covering tech for more than 7 years. He is a staff writer and contributes solutions for phones, gaming, audio, and everything related.
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