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How to Make a Video a Live Photo: Save Live Photo: Convert in to GIF

How to Make a Video a Live Photo? Photos are the best communication to our memories and emotions for us and forever. For a few years, back photos were not able to speak but now they can, with the help of a photography game initiated in 2015. In 2015, Apple introduced live Photos as a new feature with the iPhone 6S series, and this updated photography changed the complete scenario of photos.

Well, it’s up to you whether you want to initiate live photos as a photographer or continue to learn how to make a video a live photo or vice versa.

How to Make a Video a Live Photo?

If we are talking about live photos then it is not so compatible with the social media stage. All though facebook still have started sharing live photos but the Instagram type of media don’t have the facility to do so.

In this article, we are going to talk about the ways to convert a video to a live photo and vice versa. Let us start.

Here, for this purpose, we can use the third-party software Into Live to accomplish the goal. Intolive is a free app that permits you to convert videos or GIFs into live photos. It will make your live photos behave like wallpaper on the screen of your iPhone. 

So, here is how to use the app to convert a video into a Live Photo:

 Now, this Live Photo is saved to your camera roll for future use. If IntoLive is free to install but the tools for modification of videos may have in-app purchase costs for filtering and other facilities etc. 

Can We Save a Live Photo as a Video?

Now again there is a surprise to us with the facilities to change a LivePhoto into a video if you have an iOS13 phone. 

Now, this new interchanged video is saved in the video folder at the time stamp. Now we will learn how to convert a live photo to a video. 

How to Make a Live Photo a Video?

To do it quickly we must take the help of Apple’s shortcut app. You can get the shortcut Convert Live photos to video and save it into the gallery. 

Then after saving the Shortcut to your Shortcuts gallery. Here’s how to do that:

Now, your Convert LivePhotos to Video shortcut is saved along with the settings,continue the process:

Now over there only the shortcuts will change your Live Photo into a video and save it also to your Camera Roll by itself.

Well, now you can also learn to convert a live photo into a GIF.

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Live Photo to GIF

IOS Shortcuts is one of the easiest ways to convert a Live Photo into a GIF. As we discussed above install the shortcut and save it into the Shortcut gallery. Now you do not need any other third-party app to complete the work.

Here is the way how to convert a Live Photo into a GIF through a shortcut.

The shortcut will get executed and your brand new GIF will be saved to your Camera Roll.

Now you can make a video a live photo and vice versa too with the methods listed above. Do comment to share your opinion for the article, so that we can bring more worthy information to you.


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