How to Make Chrome Default Browser Windows 11,10,8, Pc, Android, MacBook

How to make chrome the default browser for windows 11? Assuming you’ve refreshed your PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11, you might have seen that when you click on a connection for a site, a PDF report, or an assortment of other record types, you will currently be shipped off Microsoft’s Edge program. In its new form of Windows, Microsoft appears to have become particularly forceful in driving its own applications off the applications that had been introduced as defaults before the overhaul. At the end of the day, Edge abruptly turned into your default program.

chrome default browser windows 11

Let us know how to Make Chrome Default Browser Windows 11 on Computer, Android, MacBook, and Windows 


Set Chrome as your default internet browser

In the event that you don’t have Google Chrome on your PC yet, first download and introduce Chrome.

Windows 11

  • On your PC, click the Start menu .
  • Click Settings .
  • Simply, click Apps Default Apps.
  • Click Google Chrome.
  • Under each record type or connection type you need to change, click the ongoing setting.
  • For the best Chrome insight on Windows 11, make certain to make Chrome default program for any of the accompanying record or connection types that show up on your PC: .htm, .html, .shtml, .xhtml, http, and https.
  • Click Google Chrome OK.
  • To leave, close the settings window.

Windows 10

  • On your PC, click the Start menu .
  • Click Settings .
  • Open your default applications:
  • Unique form: Click System Default applications.
  • Makers Update: Click Apps Default applications.
  • At the base, under “Internet browser,” click your ongoing program (ordinarily Microsoft Edge).
  • In the “Pick an application” window, click Google Chrome.
  • To effortlessly open Chrome later, add an alternate way to your taskbar:
  • On your PC, open Chrome.
  • In the Windows taskbar at the base, right-click on Chrome.
  • Click Pin to taskbar.

chrome default browser windows 11

Windows 8 and beneath

  • On your PC, click the Start menu .
  • Click Control Panel.
  • Click Programs Default Programs Set your default programs.
  • On the left, select Google Chrome.
  • Click Set this program as default.
  • Click OK.


  • On your PC, open Chrome.
  • In the upper right, click More .
  • Click Settings.
  • In the “Default program” segment, click Make default.
  • In the event that you don’t see the button, Google Chrome is now your default program.


  • Set Chrome as your default internet browser
  • On your Android, open Settings .
  • Tap Apps and notices.
  • At the base, tap Advanced.
  • Tap Default applications.
  • Tap Browser App Chrome .

iPhone or iPad

  • Set Chrome as your default internet browser
  • Significant: Make sure you have Google Chrome downloaded and introduced on your iPhone or iPad. Download Chrome for iPhones and iPads.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome application .
  • Tap More Settings.
  • And, then tap Default program.
  • Tap Open Chrome settings Default program application.
  • Set Chrome as your Default program application.


To make Chrome your default program on iPhone or iPad, you should have iOS 14 or fresher.

In the event that you don’t track down the choice to change your default program, you might have to refresh to the most recent variant of Chrome. Find out about how to refresh Google Chrome.

Add Chrome to your dock

  • To effortlessly open Chrome later, add the application to your dock:
  • To let loose space on your dock, contact and hang on an application on the dock.
  • Drag the application up and deliver it on your home screen.
  • Contact and hold the Chrome application .
  • Drag the Chrome application down and delivery it on your dock.
  • Press the Home button.

chrome default browser windows 11


In the event that you don’t believe Edge should be your default program, and your #1 program isn’t proposing to roll out the improvement for you – or on the other hand assuming it offered however rather sent you to the Default applications page referenced above – this is the way to switch the default. For this model, I’m utilizing Google Chrome, yet this ought to work with any program that you have introduced on your framework.

  • Select Settings > Apps > Default applications
  • Under Set defaults for applications, either look down to where your favored program is recorded or type the name in the Search applications field. Click on the application.
  • At the first spot on the list, you will ideally see a line that peruses Make [browser name] your default program and, at the right of that, a button marked Set default. Click on the button.
  • A few program related record types will be recorded underneath, under a subhead that peruses Set default document types or connection types. Whenever you click on the Set default button, some of them – however not really all – will change from Edge to your favored program.
  • Search for the record types that were relegated to Edge, for example, .HTM, .HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, and maybe .PDF (except if you have another PDF peruser you like). Click on any that didn’t switch that you actually need to change.
  • Know that there might be some document types that won’t offer your program as another option.


When it initially delivered, Windows 11 made it substantially more hard to change default programs; contingent upon the program you like, the method involved with exchanging might be significantly How to Make Chrome Default Browser Windows 11 simpler than this. 

For instance, in any event, when this was composed, whenever I first opened Firefox, it inquired as to whether I believed that it should turn into the default. I let it go on, and when I went to the Default applications part of arrangement, I observed that Firefox was currently set as the default for .HTM, .HTML, .HTTP, and .HTTPS records.

Yet, pause – there’s something else. Indeed, even after you switch your program default to some different option from Edge, you’re actually going to get Edge as the leaned toward program for various Windows applications. For instance, raise Windows 11’s new Widget sheet (by tapping on the Widgets symbol in your taskbar, the one that seems to be a two-paned window), and snap on one of the news things that show up there – and the connection will open Edge.

Assuming you observe that disturbing, there might be an application for that. 

To open Edge-explicit connections, you want to do the accompanying:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  • Look down to the base until you see Choose defaults by connect type.
  • Click on that, and afterward in the hunt box marked Set defaults for interface types, type Edge.
  • Under the mark Microsoft-Edge, you’ll see (a piece needlessly) Microsoft Edge. Click on that, and you’ll see whatever other programs that you can use to open those specific connections.
  • Strangely, assuming that you introduce Chrome or Firefox, you won’t consider them to be decisions. In any case, assuming you introduce the Brave program, you will consider it to be a choice – and in the event that you select that, at whatever point you click on a news interface in the Widget sheet, it will come up in Brave

chrome default browser windows 11

Another chance is a device called EdgeDeflector that was initially made to capture any connections in Windows 10 that were Edge-explicit and revise them on the fly so they can be opened by the default internet browser.

I did a little perusing and perused that its most recent rendition, v1.2.3.0, would work with Windows 11.

I introduced and followed the bearings for arrangement. Sadly, while that worked for most connections, when I tapped on a connection from the news sources in the Widgets sheet, it didn’t exactly work – the connection opened in Chrome, however none of the designs came through. However, i’d watch out for this application…


Apparently, Microsoft has begun to obstruct EdgeDeflector and other applications that assist you with exchanging your program defaults from Edge. We’ll inform you as to whether this changes.

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Q1. Could I at any point involve Chrome in Windows 11?

Windows 11 accompanies Edge, which involves a similar innovation as Chrome. In the event that you need Chrome, use Edge to explore to the Google Chrome download page, and snap Download Chrome. Set Chrome as default program: Settings > Apps > Default applications > look for Chrome, and switch each record type in that menu to Chrome.

Q2. How might I set Google Chrome as my default program?

Set Chrome as your default internet browser

On your Android, open Settings .

Tap Apps and warnings.

At the base, tap Advanced.

Tap Default applications.

Tap Browser App Chrome .

Q3. For what reason is my Chrome not dealing with Windows 11?

First thing first, restart your pc or PC. More often than not Google Chrome quits working when an auxiliary program of the cycle is running behind the scenes and it is ruining the interaction errand of Chrome. On the off chance that this is the issue, restarting the PC or pc may be the best arrangement

Q4. How would I change my default program on PC?

Select the Start button, and afterward type Default applications. In the list items, select Default applications. Under Web program, select the program at present recorded, and afterward select Microsoft Edge or another program.

Q5. How would you get to Google Chrome settings?

You can open the Settings page by tapping on the symbol with three stacked even lines to one side of the location bar; this will open up a dropdown menu, and Settings will be situated to the lower part of the screen.

The article has provided the detailed study about the How to Make Chrome Default Browser Windows 11 in the article, above in detail.

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