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How to manually install OxygenOS OTA updates

How to manually install OxygenOS OTA updates

After collecting user feedback, OnePlus pushes OTA software updates to a larger user base in stages. As a rule of thumb, this is true for the vast majority of smartphone producers. Over-the-air updates, also known as OTA updates, can be delivered with new features, additions, bug fixes, and other improvements to existing software. Because OTA updates are incremental, they can be installed without having to wait for the update or flash the full firmware using the official OTA zip file. Here are two options that make it simple to upgrade your OnePlus 5 via over-the-air download.

How to manually install OxygenOS OTA updates

We’ve updated the OnePlus 5 we’re using in this test with the new OxygenOS 4.5.6 OTA, How to manually install OxygenOS OTA updates, which addresses the reboot problem that some users have reported after calling 911. While we’ve upgraded locally, anyone who wants to can flash the over-the-air update with stock recovery. Please read the following prerequisites carefully before moving on.

Method 1 – Installing the OTA update on the OnePlus 5 using the Local upgrade option

  1. Receive the latest official update for your gadget by downloading it over the air.
  2. Copy the zipped file from your computer to your phone’s internal memory.
  3. For software upgrades, select the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and head to Settings.
  4. Pick “Local upgrade,” then locate the OTA zip file you saved in Step 2.
  5. Use the “Upgrade now” button.
  6. Once the update is complete, the procedure will begin, and the phone will reboot on its own.

Method 2 – Installing the OTA update on the OnePlus 5 using Stock recovery

  1. Receive the latest official update for your gadget by downloading it over the air.
  2. Move the document to the phone’s internal memory.
  3. To use the “Advanced reboot” feature, you must enable Developer settings.
  4. Now reboot by selecting Reboot > Recovery and powering down.
  5. When in recovery mode, select “Install from internal storage” and the English language. Then, choose the zip file you transferred in Step 2 by navigating to the proper directory. Please be patient while the installation finishes.
  6. Click “Wipe Cache” again. Reboot

Finally, that’s all there is to it! Once the update is installed, go to About phone to verify the new version of OxygenOS.

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Q1: How manually install OnePlus update?

Visit OnePlus’s official website to grab the latest software version. Version 10 of Android Follow this path: [Settings] > [System] > [System Updates]. To install a local upgrade, select [Local upgrade] from the menu that appears, navigate to the location of file, and then click [Install].

Q2: How do I update OxygenOS 12?

Users can place the compressed ZIP file in the device’s primary storage folder. After that, select the Local Upgrade option under System Updates in the Updates section of Settings (top-right icon). To install the ZIP file, choose it and proceed with the standard installation process.

Q3: How can I update my Android version manually?

  1. Access the phone’s configuration menu.
  2. Select System at the bottom right. The system has been updated.
  3. What’s new in your status will be displayed. Just do what the screen tells you..

Q4: What is the latest oxygen OS version?

OxygenOS 13 will include new Always-On Display (AoD) modes, bringing back popular AoD screens like Insight AoD from previous versions of OxygenOS and adding a few others.

Q5: Is it safe to update via oxygen updater?

The app’s developer has made every effort to ensure the update installation procedure is as secure as possible, but there can be no guarantees. However, updating my app is done at your own risk. If you run into problems, write to the developer at the address listed in the App Store on Google.

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