How to Open Ports on Router and Set Up Port Forwarding

In this article, we are going to discuss how to open ports in different routers but most especially what things you need to access this. 

Ports are the different channels through which user sends and receive data from one to another. One router consists of more than 65,000 ports. To give you good access and perform multiple tasks at a time. 

As you want to hear songs as well doing the work at the same time then your router will access two ports at a time from different servers. As it is a behind-the-scenes task. You need not worry. 

Also, you are using some ports related to HTML then the router connects ports to HTML via port number 80. It varies differently for different sources. 

How to Open Ports on Router

how to open ports on router

Here, are some steps that are essential to be followed for the proper guidance. You must enable port forwarding on your router. 

Port forwarding is the main process that let your router know that data has been sent directly to the local network. 

It allows reacting if it is a malvirus or any other virus, protecting the network from the other virus. 

Before, accessing it the router needs a static IP to provide on the receiving end. 

Let us understand it with a suitable example if you are playing a game on different IP and your router connects you with another IP. the result would be your friends will become unable to connect to you.

Assign a Static Ip Address to the Device

Firstly, it is very important to understand that your port forwarding will not work if you have not set any dynamic IP’S 

To set up a static IP address follow these. 

  • Head your router’s configuration page. 
  • Simply, enter your username and password. 
  • The suitable details must be provided through your box or by your router provider
  • Go to the advanced setting tab on the configuration page. Look for the settings here named as static IP address, DHCP reservations and similar.
  • Here, you will get a list of IP’S. Pick any of them which you want to use for port forwarding. 

Know Your Public Ip Address

You can easily get to know about the IP address by using the IP lookup tool. When connected to your wifi at home or the office. Wherever you want to.though

It is possible to have the same external IP for many months and years.  

Review Local Firewall Settings

After setting up port forwarding. Many people make mistakes here by not reviewing the firewall or another antivirus. It is necessary to configure firewall settings in your computer to access this all completely and protect your computer from viruses. 

Here, we go you can open ports now safely

  • Navigate to your router’s configuration page from the browser by typing router IP address
  • Find a setting tab to get ports, port forwarding.
  • Here, input the number of ports you want to access
  • Input the static IP address where you want to port forward
  • Save your changes

Now, you open the ports on your router. 

Can You Open Ports on the Router With a Vpn

Port router is a complete transparent program. In VPN you did not get access to your IP. as ports require IP for port forwarding. If you could not access to IP. then there is no need to open ports and port forwardings. 

No, VPN does not support ports on the router. You can not make any change in IP with VPN. 

From the Privacy and Security Point of You

The router saves the device from the virus. If you access it in VPN you cannot get any IP. so, the router can not access the IP from where data is coming and it may affect the workings. 

Hope this article is helpful for you. Feel free to reach us for any queries and updates in the comment section. 


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