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 How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

How to pin a comment on Instagram? Instagram users can now pin up to three comments on top of posts. This will help users to regulate the tone of what kind of responses they expect on their posts. Besides, with three good and positive comments pinned at the top there will be some help to curb the negative or abusive comments as even if not removed they will show below the good comments. This will keep Instagram clean and friendly for all users who post and comment on posts.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Instagram had started testing this feature in early May to combat cyber-bullying. It also tried to include other features like users could delete offensive comments or spams in bulk. You could also delete comments in bulk using Instagram. It is called the bulk delete feature.

Instagram also lets its users to delete a bulk of twenty five comments in one go or restrict a number of accounts in bulk.

This decision came on July 7. If you want to avail this feature then you have to update your Instagram from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

In our Android device, iPhone or PC, go to Instagram >>

Log in to your Instagram account >>

Locate the comment you want to pin at the top of your comments on a post >>

Swipe from right to left on the comment >>

You will find new options on your screen. There will be options if you want to reply to the comment, report the comment or delete the comment. But these were already present before the update. What is new is you will also find a new pushpin icon in this very list. >>

Press on the pushpin icon >>

Congratulations! You have pinned your favorite comment to the top of the comment list.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

Instagram now allows its users to pin their favorite comments n the top of the Instagram Live posts. As all followers cannot join the live video right from the beginning, pinning a good comment at the top of the live video will allow the users who join later to know what the video is going to be or has been all about. The pinned comment will be found at the bottom of all the comments in the comments list. But Instagram allows only certain users to pin the comments of others and not their own comments on Instagram Live based on their regions.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Live Using Android Device

Go to the Instagram app on your Android device. >>

Launch the Instagram app on your Android device >>

Log into your Instagram account >>

Tap on your profile picture >>

(It is present at the top left corner of your screen)

Press the Live button >>

You have started a live video >>

Go to a comment that is posted and tap on it or you might add a new comment and tap on it >>

Tap on Pin Comment option >>

Congratulations, you have pinned your favorite comment at the bottom of the comments list.

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How to Remove a Pinned Comment on Instagram Live

Tap on the comment you have previously pinned at the bottom of your comments list >>

Tap on this comment >>

Click on ‘Unpin Comment’ >>

Congratulations! You have unpinned the pinned comment for the Instagram Live post.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram Stories Using Iphone

Some iPhone users may not be allowed to pin their comments on their stories. If you are not allowed to pin your favorite comment then use the Aa text icon to add text.

Go to your iPhone and launch the Instagram app >>

Log into your Instagram account >>

You can find your story on the top left-hand side of your screen

(You may also add another story) >>

Choose your favorite comment >>

Swipe left >>

Click on the Pin icon to pin your favorite comment to your Story.

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