For many years, printing was possible if you have a file on your PC. Then we got laptops, and the printing option extend. However, thanks to technology development, we got an opportunity to print a document directly from our phone or tablet. Regardless of the network, if you have an internet-friendly printer, you can send a file directly to it and get a paper copy of just anything.

I will show you how to use your Android-based device for printing, whether it’s a phone or a tablet.

Default print service

Since we got WiFi printers, everything became more accessible. Now you can connect your Android device to a printer as long as they are both on the same local network. It simply means you should connect both devices to the same WiFi, and your Android device will quickly recognize the printer. Here’s how to enable the Default print service and print directly from your Android.

  1. Connect both of the devices to the same WiFi network
  2. On your Android device, pull-down and click on the gear icon – it’s your settings panel
  3. Click on Connected Devices > Connection Preference
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  1. Click on Printing > Default Printing Service
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  1. Toggle the switch on to enable this service
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  1. You should be able to see your printer now if you did everything correctly
  2. Open the file you want to print – from photos, documents, or any other storage space
  3. Tap on “…” typically places in the top right corner
  4. Choose option Print
  5. Tap on Select a Printer
  6. You will see your printer here if everything was successfully enabled
  7. Tap on the blue Printer icon
  8. Click OK on the pop-up

That’s it, and you can go to your printer and see your paper copy of a file. If this doesn’t work, you can try several other options.

Printer’s plugin

If you use an older device with Android 4.4 and newer, you can install the printer’s plugin.

  1. Again, connect your printer and Android device to the same local network
  2. On an Android device, pull-down and find the gear icon
  3. Tap on Connected Devices > Connection Preferences
  4. Tap on Printing > Add service
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  1. Tap on the printer’s manufacturer plugin and install it
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  1. Now you should see it on the printing page
  2. Close the tab and navigate to the file you want to print
  3. Tap on “…” in the top right corner and press Print
  4. Tap on your Printer
  5. Click on the blue Print button to finish the process

Again, this is only for older Android-based devices that require plugins. If you have Android 10 and above and newer devices, this won’t be necessary.

WiFi Direct

If your printer supports WiFi Direct, you can use it to print your files directly from Android devices. Here is how.

  1. On your, Android pull down and tap on the gear icon
  2. Click on Network & Internet
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  1. Click on WiFi > WiFi preferences
  2. Tap on Advanced
  3. Find WiFi Direct and tap on it
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  1. Click on the name of the Printer
  2. Go to your printer and accept the connection
  3. Open the file you want to print and navigate to Menu “…”
  4. Tap on Print > Select Printer and choose the printer you just added
  5. Tap on the blue Print button to finish printing

That would be it, your file should be printer by now, and you should have a paper copy.

Use manufacturer’s app or cloud

Some of the newer printers have a cloud or an app developed by the manufacturer. You can use this cloud or an app to upload files you want to print via email and start the printing process. Once you’re setting up your printer, you’re setting up an email address as well, and later on, you can simply send the file to your printer.

One of the best examples is the Epson printer that developed even its own printing app. So, let’s see how to use the cloud or an app for printing directly from your Android device.

Using email to print

Please note that steps may vary depending on the email you chose to set up. Since most people are using their Gmail connected to an Android device as a default email, I decided to show you the steps for this particular one. However, there’s no significant difference, so that this guide can be helpful for just any email.

  1. Open Gmail and tap on Compose button in the right bottom corner
  2. In the field To enter your printer’s email address
  3. Attach the image or a document to print – up to 20 files or 20MB altogether
  4. Tap on Send
  5. Your printer should start printing as soon as the email arrives

Note: You can send files directly from your Gallery or Documents app. Just tap on Share and choose Share via Email. Afterward, follow the same steps.

Using manufacturer’s app

If your printer manufacturer has its own app, you can use it to print files from your Android device. I decided to download Epson iPrint app from Play Store and show you the steps. However, if you have any other printer and another app, the steps won’t differ too much.

  1. Install the app and open it
  2. You will choose between 5 different printing options – photos, documents, print from the cloud, scan, and document capture
  3. Tap on the Printer is Not Selected banner that you see
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  1. Change from a local printer to Remote
  2. Tap Add button
  3. Click on Yes to acknowledge that you might be using cellular data
  4. Enter the email address of your printer or tap on Get Email Address if you haven’t created one
  5. Tap Done, and your printer will be added
  6. Go back to the app’s main screen and choose of the 5 printing options
  7. Follow the steps on your screen and print the file

Hopefully, this guide was useful for you — however, your opinion matters. Please, let me know in the comment section below if you have any other ideas on printing using your Android phone or a tablet!

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