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 How To Program NFC Tags With Your Android Device [Video]

How To Program NFC Tags With Your Android Device [Video]

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is available on most new smartphones, opens up a lot of opportunities in the future. NFC is going to be used in several ways, such as mobile payments, mobile marketing or in the event industry. But a lot of people don’t know there is a way to use NFC technology to automate a lot of things – using NFC tags.

NFC tags are small passive NFC chips that can store data. The tag can trigger events or transfer certain data to an active NFC device, such as a smartphone. Thanks to NFC technology, the powerless tag uses a small amount of energy from the active NFC device to transfer its data.

Make sure to check out my article about creative and useful ways to use NFC tags.

Programming an NFC tag is really simple. Below is a short how-to video in which I explain how to program an NFC tag using an Android device and the app NFC Writer (formerly NFC Task Launcher):

If you cannot watch the video for some reason, below you can find the video transcript.

You can purchase NFC tags in various forms, such as stickers, key chains or in a check card format. If you are interested in getting a decent starter kitcheck this out.

There are many other great uses for NFC technology and there will be more coming in the future. Mobile payment or mobile ticketing are still offered and used by a few, but don’t miss out on the fun and possibilities you can have with NFC tags today.

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Video transcript

Hey this is and in this video we will show you how to program an NFC tag using an android device.

What you need an android device, which is capable of reading NFC tags like the Google Nexus 4 I got here, and, obviously, an NFC tag like this one.

To show you how to scan an NFC tag I will tap my phone on the tag like this, and as you might see it leads us to the website.

So I’m going to overwrite this tag now. I am going to use the NFC task launcher app, which you can download from the Play store for free.

As you can see, the app offers you certain location profiles, phone control, social options and setting, which you can use to program your NFC tag.

But I am going to create a new setting from the drop-down menu.

All you have to do is add an action, like this. Now you can choose what action you want your NFC tag to trigger.

I am going to choose the Wi-Fi On/Off action and click Next.

Now you can choose from the drop down what you want the action to do: you can choose from Enable, Disable or Toggle your Wi-Fi connection. I will choose the Toggle option and press OK.

If you want to you can give your NFC tag a name, but I am going to leave it like this for now. And now I will press Save and Write.

Now all you need to do is tap the NFC tag with the back of your phone. So, that was pretty easy.

Now the NFC tag should be programmed to Toggle my Wi-Fi settings.

Let’s see if it works.

Yes it worked. As you can see the phone recognized the NFC tag and my Wi-Fi is now turned off.

Since I’ve used the Toggle option, it should turn my Wi-Fi back On if I tap the NFC tag again.

As you see, my Wi-Fi connection is back On. You can tap the NFC tag again to switch your Wi-Fi off.

This is all you need to do to program an NFC tag. You can download the app from the link below. Make sure to check out our blog at to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology and digital marketing.

This was Thanks for watching.

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10 thoughts on “How To Program NFC Tags With Your Android Device [Video]


Would be appreciated if you showed us how to write many NFC tags with different data from a list such as a simple text file . There doesn’t seem to be any info or apps to do this simple task.

Marc Knollsays:

Hi Darren, could you explain that in more detail please?


Hi Marc,

What I need to do is create allot of tags that have separate URL information, eg;


The whole idea is to give out tags to customers and when they scan it on their phone they’re then taken to a specific area of the website.

I’ve found lots of apps and software that can do one at a time, but you have to key in all of the info for the URL for the next one. If there was something that could take each URL from a text file of an excel spreadsheet and write a new line from the file for each unit that is written all my problems would be solved.


Hello Darren ,

You might wanna try NFC Tag Manager which save your tags on the cloud so when you will have to copy the same tag, you can do that much quicky. But if your websites are non repetitive than search for NFC write (hardware) this works with computer and there might be chances that it can do what you want.


only one word to say “simply wow”.its really heartful
thanks for sharing this articles.nfc

Thanks Marc, for the video, I believe that NFC have great future and more and more smartphones company are adding this feature in new realised. Also check out
10 Killer Android NFC apps you must have on my blog

Cheap Essayssays:

Wow amazing
stuff I really enjoyed thanks for the amazing stuff.

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Thanks Marc, for the video, I believe that NFC have great future and more and more smartphones company are adding this feature in new realised. I also made a video series on my YouTube channel, if anybody is interested they can check it out here at


Hi Marc…I enjoyed your presentation… I want a pdf file(re-writable) to be transferred to people who have nfc in their mobile phones. What should be the nfc system?

thanks for the video but i have a question : if i have an android application codded by me and i need to use nfc to access to my application dataBase how to do something like this

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