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 How to Remove Followers on Twitter Using Mobile or Desktop

How to Remove Followers on Twitter Using Mobile or Desktop

How to Remove Followers on Twitter

This is good news for users of Twitter as it has facilitated us with the power to remove the followers in September 2021. It was not possible to do so because earlier we had to block the users. But the main disadvantage was that those blocked ones cannot follow again as well as can’t see the tweets too.

In this new invention, Twitter kept the need of a user before removing anyone depending on the situation. Even though followers find that in-between they were not able to follow you, then again they start with that. In case you find some incapacitated followers who all are following your tweets, you can use either block them or use the nuclear feature to delete your Twitter account. 

How to Remove Your Twitter Followers on the Desktop?

It’s easy to use twitter’s desktop website to delete a follower from your Twitter account on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook based computer. 

  • Go to the web web browser on your computer device and reach the site. Then log in to your profile.
  • Move to the left corner bar of Twitter and select the ‘Profile’ option from there.
  • Now your profile home page is open. Then under the profile information one, select ‘Followers’ to fetch the follower’s list.
  • On the follower’s page, Choose the follower you want to remove. Then, beside that user’s name, select the three dots.
  • Now on the three dots menu, select ‘Remove this Follower.’
  • You will see a “Remove this Follower” information. There select the ‘Remove’ option.

Note: Before selecting the Remove option towards the process to remove followers, you must make up your mind actually what do you want.

That’s it. Your selected user is now removed from your Twitter followers list but is in contact still.

How Can I Remove My Twitter Followers on Mobile?

  • If you are an Android or iphone user, you can easily remove followers via Twitter’s mobile site.
  • First, start with the web browser on your mobile phone and fetch the Twitter site. Now sign in to your account.

remove follower

  • Click on followers from the Account info menu which appeared on the left side. 
  • Now go to the follower’s page and then select an account from the list of followers who follow you and click on the three dots next to the name.
  • The menu appears with three dots and then select “Remove this Follower.”
  • Then click on Remove


Now the removed follower is no more in your follower’s list.

Twitter’s “Remove this follower” facility made it easy for us to just remove someone from our follower’s instead of blocking them. But keep in mind, this feature is not there on the Twitter mobile app. Anyways you can still remove followers by reaching Twitter on your web browser, although on your Android, iPhone. 

Here we will tell you how to remove a follower from Twitter even without blocking them, and so that they will not follow you in.

How Can We ‘soft Block’ Followers on iOS and Android?

If you are on mobile and wish to remove followers, You just have to use the “soft block “ task.In this task, you have to block those followers whom you want to remove basically and immediately unblock them too. So, what happens here, you are triggering them to leave you or unfollow you. Now let us see the steps:

  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Choose Followers. Now see the accounts and start blocking and unblocking the accounts you want them to unfollow you.
  • To block, you just from you’re followers list, choose an account to move to that person’s profile.
  • Click the three ellipsis icon on the upper right side.
  • Click on  Block.
  • Then choose Block to confirm
  • Select unblock and now the person will not be able to follow.

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How to Protect Your Tweets

See when you remove the follower, you do not have to bother as they cannot follow you again but it’s better to protect yourself.In case to save your tweets better to check before approving any follower’s request. Let’s see how:

  • On the windows 10 version of the tweeter, choose More from the menu. In the case of Android users or iOS, move to next.
  • Simply go with the Settings and privacy after on click Privacy and safety.
  • Make Protect your Tweets on. Even in the case of the web you just, choose to Protect your Tweets, click Protect. By this only your account will become private and privacy will be protected. But You have to be careful while approving the request of followers to see your content further.

remove follower

 What Will Be the Effect of Removing Followers?

After you removed any follower then he/she cannot see your tweets any longer further. But they can get connected with you by sending messages. Isn’t it better!

If you want to share something related or have any queries feel free to reach us in the coment section below.

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