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How to reset amazon fire stick remote and fix connection issues

How to reset amazon fire stick remote

How to reset amazon fire stick remote. If your Amazon Fire TV Stick control is malfunctioning, you can try resetting it to see if that helps. We’ll walk you through the reset procedures for the most common Fire TV Stick remote models.

Reset the Basic Edition Fire TV Stick Remote

If you have the remote from the Basic Edition, shown below, you can reset it in the same way.

  1. In order to access the menu, press and hold the home button, and then press the menu button (three horizontal lines) three times.
  2. You need to release the Home button and then press Menu nine times.
  3. Take the remote’s batteries out.
  4. Remove the power from your Fire TV Stick and wait one minute.
  5. The Fire TV Stick can be activated by reinserting the batteries into the remote control and turning on the device.
  6. Press and hold the Home button on your remote for 40 seconds to enter the Fire TV Stick’s menu system.
  7. In only one minute, everything will be set up and ready to go.

Reset the 1st Generation Fire TV Stick Remote

The Power and Volume buttons are missing from the 1st generation Fire TV Stick remote, but you can still reset it by following these instructions.

  1. It will take one minute for your Fire TV Stick to restart when you remove the power cord.
  2. To enter programming mode, press and hold the Left and Menu buttons for 12 seconds on your remote.
  3. Stop pressing the buttons and wait for the countdown to five.
  4. To prevent the remote from not working, take out the batteries.
  5. Turn on your Fire TV Stick by plugging it into an electrical outlet, and let it a full minute to boot up.
  6. Put the remote’s batteries back in it.
  7. To enter your home’s mode, press the Home button on the controller.

Reset the 2nd and 3rd Generation, Voice Remote Lite, Smart TV Remote, and Soundbar Remote

Any Fire TV Stick remote not depicted above is either a 2nd or 3rd generation model, a Voice Remote Lite, a Smart TV Remote, or a Soundbar remote. Here’s how to factory reset your remote:

You’ll use the same buttons even if the remote’s design is slightly different.

  1. Unplug the Fire TV Stick and give it a minute to restart.
  2. Simply press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons on your remote together for 12 seconds to enter the hidden menu.
  3. Release your grip on the buttons and wait for the countdown to lapse.
  4. To prevent the remote from not working, take out the batteries.
  5. Start up your Fire TV Stick by plugging in its power supply. Then, hold off for a minute.
  6. Make sure the batteries are back in your remote.
  7. To return to the main menu, use the Home button on the TV’s remote.

Fire TV Smart TV Remotes

Successful pairing is shown by a blue flashing LED light on your remote. Press the Home button for 10 seconds if it hasn’t paired.

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Q1: Can you replace a Fire Stick remote?

The remote control for a Fire TV can be swapped out for a new one. Before you buy a replacement, though, check to see if it’s made for your particular Fire Stick’s generation and model

Q2: Can I use my phone as a Fire Stick remote?

You can use an Android or iOS app to manage your Fire TV Stick remotely.

Q3: Why is my Fire Stick remote not working?

Power supply failure is the number one cause of a non-functioning Fire Stick remote. A non-functioning Fire Stick remote may be the result of improper battery insertion, a lack of battery charge, or another similar issue. The Fire Stick will not function without a linked remote.

Q4: How do you pair a fire TV remote?

Start by navigating to the Options menu on your Fire TV. Choose the options for Controllers and Bluetooth Devices. Next, choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes and pair a remote by pressing and holding the Home button for 10 seconds.

Q5: Why is my TV not responding to my remote?

Low batteries are the most common cause of a nonworking remote control. To avoid any mishaps, direct the remote at the TV. It’s also possible that the TV remote’s sensor is being blocked by furniture or cables, or that there’s some other electronic device nearby that’s disrupting the signal.

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