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 How to Reset Apple Watch Without a Password

How to Reset Apple Watch Without a Password

How to reset apple watch without a password? Forgetting things is basic human nature. We can forget anything like documents, items, jewellery, and the most important thing in today’s technical world a PASSWORD. It gets very messy and causes a lot of trouble when you forget a password. So if, one day you wake and. You are not able to remember your password for your apple watch, what will you do?.

So to figure it out here is an article that will help you out to reset your apple watch. 

How to Reset Apple Watch Without a Password?

Here are two ways to help you out with resetting your apple watch without a password.

If you wish to recover your information later, create a backup of your Apple Watch before resetting it. An Apple Watch backup is produced automatically if you backup your iPhone using iCloud or a Mac. When using a Mac, backups must be encrypted. In order for all data to be stored in the Apple Watch backup.

reset apple watch

  •  You Need to Simply Put the Apple Watch on Charge and Follow the Further Steps.

  1. You have to press the side button of the apple watch and hold it until you see “Power off” on the screen.
  1. After the above step, you need to press the Digital Crown and. Hold it until you see the option of “Erase all content and settings” on the screen. Remember don’t stop holding digital crown until you see the option.
  1. After the option of “Erase all content and setting” appears all you have to do is simply tap on the “Reset” option, then tap the “Reset” option again to confirm your choice which is appeared on the screen.
  1. Now you have to wait for the process to finish and after that set up your apple watch again.

Note:- When you select the option “Erasing all content and settings”, it will erase all media, data, and settings from your apple watch, which you have saved in but it does not remove the activation lock. To remove the activation lock, you have to first unpair the watch from the device. All the data which was erased before, a backup of all the content like media, data, etc are created on your iPhone already.

  • You Can Also Reset Your Apple Watch Using Your Paired iPhone (Device).

  1. So, you have to keep your apple watch and iPhone closed together so that you can complete all these steps without any difficulty.
  1. You have to first, open the apple watch app on your iPhone and after that, you have to tap on the My Watch tab or option.
  1. Then you have to tap on the option “General” 
  1. Then tap on the option “Reset”.
  1. You will now see an option of clearing Apple Watch contents and settings, tap the clear apple watch button and your contents will be vanished.

Content and Settings”, then tap it again at the rock bottom of the screen to verify it. You might need to enter your Apple ID password to reset your apple watch. 

After following all the above steps, you will be able to reset the apple watch and you don’t have to use your password for it.

reset apple watch

  • If You Know Your Passcode but Your Apple Watch Is Deactivated,

  1. After 10 failed login attempts, your Apple Watch will be deactivated. Which might happen if you forget your passcode or if your children try to use it. 
  2. You can use your associated iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch if you remember your passcode.
  3. You now need to open the Apple Watch app in you iPhone.
  4. Passcode is tapped.
  5. Choose iPhone to unlock.
  6. Connect your Apple Watch to your computer and push the Digital Crown.
  7. To unlock your Apple Watch, enter the passcode or use Touch ID on your iPhone.

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  • If You Don’t Have a Connected iPhone and Forgot Your Apple Watch Passcode,

  1. You can still execute a hard reset without an iPhone if you’re locked out of your Apple Watch and it’s unpaired. 
  2. When you link it with your iPhone, you may restore it from a backup.
  3. Place your Apple Watch on the charger it came with.
  4. Press and hold the side button until the Power Off screen displays, then firmly press the Power Off slider (do not slide it)
  5. You now need to erase all content and settings you see from the drop-down menu.
  6. The factory settings of your Apple Watch will be restored. After that, you may link it with your iPhone, restore it from a backup, and change the passcode.

reset apple watch

  • How to Restart Your Apple Watch for the First Time

  1. If you have difficulties shutting off your Apple Watch, you may use a soft reset to force it to restart.
  2. For around 10 seconds, hold down the Digital Crown and the side button. The Apple logo should be centred on the watch face when the screen turns off and then restarts.
  3. The final option if your device is not working or not switching off regularly use this option.

I tried my best to provide you with a piece of detailed information about the How to Reset Apple Watch Without a Password. If you want to share something related with us and our 1lakh followers, feel free to share with us in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section below

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