How to Screenshot on a Dell Laptop?

Either sharing a meme with your friend or saving information from a website, the best way to do so is by taking screenshots. Think of the tool that can capture your whole screen and you don’t even have to use another device for it! Knowing how to screenshot also helps you to screen record your activities, be it for personal or professional use. You may know how to take screenshots on your phone but now even your laptop allows you to take screenshots.

It’s super easy to take screenshots on your Laptop or PC. Let’s learn together how to screenshot on a dell laptop.

How to take a screenshot on Dell Laptops

Before knowing how to screenshot on your Dell laptop, let’s have a look at what a screenshot is. Whatever name you give it, screen capture is a snapshot of the precise content that is visible on your desktop. The benefits of screenshots in the present era of computers may theoretically go on forever. An image is more interesting and significant than long prose, as we all know, and the development of screenshots is another example of this.

While you want to take a screenshot on your Dell laptop, note that there are several ways to do so. You can use these methods in any model and series of Dell. The ways are easy. Here’s how to take a screenshot on Dell laptops.

Using Print Screen (Prt Sc)

Although the precise label may vary from model to model, Dell laptops typically indicate the Print Screen key as “Prt Sc.” This key, which is also viewed as F10, is located on the top row of your keyboard. This key may be found next to the ‘Delete’ key on some Dell machines.

You may capture your screen in various sizes by using specific phrase combinations together with the Print Screen key. On Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, this technique will function flawlessly. How to accomplish it is as follows:

  • Press the Windows key and the Prt Sc key at the same time to capture the full screen at once. Your screen will briefly flicker after a screenshot has been successfully taken.
  • Simply click the window you wish to take a picture of, and then simultaneously press Alt and Prt Sc to take a picture of just that window.
  • Finally, just press Prt Sc to snap a screenshot of every open window.

Using Snipping Tool

Use the Snipping Tool if you’d want to go with a different route. This Windows feature lets you take screenshots of your screen in various geometrical designs. Click the Start button and enter “Snipping Tool” in the search field to get the Snipping Tool. The application will open up with several options available.

Choose “New” or simultaneously press “Ctrl + N.” Pick the form for the screenshot you wish to take. The default selection is the rectangular snip. The other three types are as follows:

  • Free Form Snip: Its function allows you to take a screenshot of your screen in whatever shape you like.
  • Window Snip: With just one click, you may grab all of your open windows.
  • Full-Screen Snip: This tool takes a single snapshot of the full screen. If you use numerous monitors, this function will be quite useful.

Once you’ve taken your picture, hit “Ctrl + S” to save it where you want.

Where is the Screenshot folder present?

The picture will be transferred to your clipboard when you snap a screenshot on your Dell laptop. Copy it, then paste it into a graphics editor (like Microsoft Paint), then select Save.

Using some other applications

However, if you want more adjustments than just capturing straightforward screen photos, you might want to think about employing a specialized screen capture program. The ability to add annotations, compose text, trim and resize photographs, record videos, share photos and many other complex capabilities are available in this sort of application.

There are several premium and free alternatives accessible, however, those who don’t want to pay money for the software can try TinyTake, Jing, Greenshot, Screenpresso, LightShot, and many other free alternatives.

Now, you know that taking screenshots on your Dell device is the easiest and fastest way. You can have screen pictures of everything you do.

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Q. Can I screenshot it on a Dell laptop?

Yes, you can take a screenshot on your laptop. The quickest method to capture a screenshot on a Dell laptop or desktop is to simply hit the Print Screen key, which Dell typically abbreviates as “PrtScn” or “prt sc.” There are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to modify your PrtScn screenshot.

Q. How do I take a screenshot on my laptop?

Holding down the power and volume keys on most Android smartphones should allow you to snap screenshots, however, holding down the power and home buttons (if your device has a physical button) could also be effective.

Q. How do you take a screenshot on a Dell laptop without a Print Screen button?

Without the print screen button, you can use the snipping tool. To know how to do that, refer to the guide provided above.

Q. How do I take screenshots on my phone?

  • Press the Power and Volume Down keys, simultaneously.
  • If it doesn’t work, hold down the Power button for a short period. Next, choose Screenshot.
  • Visit the manufacturer’s support page for your phone if neither of these solutions works.

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