How to Screenshot on Windows 10 in Different Ways

Oh! Great, you have a Windows 10 pc and you want to know how to take screenshots on windows 10? There are several ways to perform the same. But we all have different PCs and every PC performs the same task differently. But, why are you worried? When I am here.

I have 10 ways to solve the problem. You can use any of these. These will help you to take screenshots on your PC. Let me give you a proper guide on How to take a screenshot on Windows 10. in this article, I am going to share how to capture screenshots in Windows 10 as well as how to paste something to the clipboard or to capture screenshots on different phrases. 

How to Screenshot on Windows 10? 

A screenshot is something. that we use in our day-to-day life. Capturing a screenshot of the required content is incredible. sometimes, we used to check something which is very impressive and loved to save that. but it becomes very difficult if you do not know how to capture that screenshot. sometimes, it also happens like you don’t need a screenshot of full screen or you want to save a small part of it. either, want to save that in the clipboard. so, to use it by pasting on others.

  •  Windows 10 provides different ways to take screenshots of different parts or you can capture the full screen. 
  • You can capture screenshots by pressing the “print screen (prtsc)” key on the keyboard. This is the easiest way to take screenshots. But, in some PCs like mine. Only this key won’t work. 
  • Microsoft provides you with different tools to perform the same task. Also, you can capture screenshots in games. 

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Way1- How to Capture Screenshots Using PRTSC? 

It is the simplest way to capture a screenshot on your device. By using “PrintScreen” you can do this as it is labeled as “prtsc”. You can find this key in the top row of your computer or laptop. 

Somehow, in some laptops or computers, this key does not work simultaneously. You have to press and hold the function key with this to perform the same. 

There are different kinds of screenshots like full screen, clipboard. Let us get to know which key works for which type. 

Print Screen: By using this key, you can print or capture the full screen and it will save this into the screenshots section on “My computer or My files”. You can take screenshots of MS word, excel-like sheets too. 

how to use print screen

  • Press ALT + PrintScreen: this command is used to copy the active window to the clipboard, so you can paste the same to other content. 
  • Press the Windows key +Shift+S: This program is used to capture a required portion of the screen to the clipboard. So, that you can paste the same to another. 

Tip: You can use this command only when you have the latest version of Windows 10. 

  • Press the Windows key +PrtScn: last but not least. This command captures the whole screen in the image format. 

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Way2- Capture Screenshot Using Snippet Tool

A snippet tool is a tool that is provided to take a more flexible screenshot. 

Let us start with a step by step guide

  1. Go to the Start Menu to Start Snipping Tool
  2. Here, you can choose the shape of the screenshot accordingly. 
  3. Go to new, and the screen will freeze down so that you can use the mouse and create a screenshot. 
  4. You can use the drawing tools. Also, the screenshot will be saved in the snippet tool window
  5. You can check how much time you have to wait to make a moment through the mouse. Check it in the delay menu. 

After, the completion. Go and click on the save as in the file menu. 

Capture Screenshot With the Games Bar

It is loved to capture screenshot of your victory and to record your good scores. and why not? You have to  capture. You can share these screenshots to your friends family or you can post it in on Whatsapp status or Snapchat streak.

  1. Select the start menu and go to the game bar by Windows Key+G
  2. When you want to capture a screenshot press the Windows Key+G
  3. A screen overlay there. Click on the camera icon and here, you get a screenshot of your game. Either press Windows key +G 

The screenshot will be captured on the “Captures” icon

how to capture screenshot in game bar

If You Want to Know How to Screenshot on Windows 10 On Steam Games.

Simply, you need to press f11 and read the game’s article just above. and the screenshot will be save to the steam section in games. 

I hope, this article is helpful for you if you want to share something with us. feel free to reach us in the comment section.

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