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How to See Spotify Wrapped at All Android, IOS Device

How to See Spotify Wrapped

How to see Spotify wrapped? oh! yes, here we are to help you how and where to see your Spotify wrapped. Well in 2021, it’s never been easier to find and listen to songs you have in favorites, whether it’s a new edition or a classic rock. But music fans know that there are few things more amazing than expressing a positive experience to someone about your new musical zeal.

It’s what makes Spotify Wrapped so great at the end. Now wrapped is a feature that shows you a slide show or a story of the songs and artists you have listened to the most over the past decades may be, which new music you have explored, and it’s going to make Spotify great. 

Some facts:

How to See Spotify Wrapped on Ios or Android?

Now to see Spotify Wrapped 2021, you need to move to the Spotify home screen then and there. For this purpose just open up the Spotify app and select Home from the bottom toolbar down. Now the first result you see on the home screen should be your Spotify Wrapped list.

Otherwise, move with a wrapped option that will open up the Wrapped screen inside your Spotify for iOS or Android app easily.

Is It Possible to See Spotify Wrapped 2021 on the Desktop?

In this case, Spotify Wrapped cards are presently not available on desktop. But when you cannot see the cards, still you can check out the 2021 Wrapped hub to find a playlist of the song you listened to the most in the last year. This can be easily done by fetching the “Your top songs 2021” playlist via the Home section in either the Spotify web app of the Windows or Mac desktop apps.

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Can I See Spotify Wrapped 2021 on My Phone?

Remember that Spotify Wrapped is not visible to all users at the same time. It can take time till the feature is back in your app, so have patience for that.

And yes, you must understand the restriction of having the Spotify app on iOS or Android to see that. As we discussed above the feature is usually active full December. Fortunately, even in the case, the Spotify Wrapped is no longer visible in the app, you can have your top songs of the 2021 playlist.

If you want to share the Spotify Wrapped with someone, then you can go through the way to do so.

How Can I Share My Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Now to share your Spotify Wrapped cards on social media or to save them to your phone or device, you just have to choose the Share the story option. In case you want the steps otherwise than follow:

Have You Seen Spotify Wrapped in December?

The good news is you can see your Spotify Wrapped content even after it has become volatile from your Home page. You just have to select Search and then type Spotify Wrapped. Then you’re up to date Spotify Wrapped hub will proceed to show up as a genre, which you can then see.

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