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How to set up voicemail on iPhone?

how to set up voicemail on iphone

“Hi, leave a message for me”, you may hear these messages sometimes while calling. Well, it’s the voicemail that has been set up by the user.

Nowadays, your phone is always just two steps away. But well, sometimes if you’re in the middle of something or busy with your work, maybe you can’t just pick up your call. In such cases, what you can do is set up a voicemail for yourself. In that way, your caller will leave a message for you, and you can choose who is important and who needs to call back immediately.

If you’re an iPhone user, setting up a voicemail is quite easy. Let me help you to set up a voicemail on your iPhone.

A guide to setup visual voicemail on iPhone

Checking whether your service provider is compatible with Apple’s Visual Voicemail service is the first step in configuring your voicemail messaging.

The iPhone’s built-in Phone app has Visual Voicemail. Without having to dial a number to access your carrier’s inbox, the program enables you to see a comprehensive list of all your voicemails and calls.

The service is not supported by all carriers. To access your voicemail if yours doesn’t, you must call your provider. However, if you’re among the majority who have access to Visual Voicemail, all of your messages will be shown visually on your phone, just like how you see emails.

Without calling a third-party service or using a numeric keypad, you can see who left each message, how long it is, and what time the caller left it.

So let’s get it up and running!

Set up a visual voicemail

Record custom greetings

You could now wish to make a unique voicemail message. For that:

Change the voicemail password

Follow these procedures if you ever need to reset your voicemail password:

Play your voicemail once

Once you start getting voicemails, you may use Visual Voicemail on your iPhone to check your voicemail like how you would check your email.

Each message will have the following controls displayed:

Save your voicemail on your iPhone

On an iPhone, saving and sharing a voicemail is relatively simple:

So, now you have set up your voicemail on your iPhone. Though it seems like an outdated idea but is still equally effective. In that way, you can easily avoid your spam calls.

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Q. Where is the voicemail on my iPhone?

Go to the ‘Phone’ app 📞 that contains a link to the voicemail app  and then click to it.

Q. How do I activate voicemails on my iPhone?

For your iPhone to have voicemail turned on:

Q. How do I set up voicemail from another phone?

Save the individual voicemails on that phone to a secure storage site if you want to transfer the voicemails from an old phone.

Follow the steps below if you simply want to access your voicemails on another phone:

Q. How many voicemails can I have?

Voicemails are typically limited to 40 messages. This restriction is placed by the carriers rather than Apple. Delete or store messages in your voicemail mailbox to make room for new ones.

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