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How to Split Screen on iPad: Using Doke to Invoke The Split View: Latest Updated

How to Split Screen on iPad

How to use Split Screen on iPad? Here is how to use a split-screen on an iPad and view two applications at the same time on your Ipad. If you are not aware that how to use a split-screen on an iPad. You are missing out on one of the perfect and best parts of multitasking options in your Ios operating system. Multitasking is one of the best examples of enabling you to work on more than. One application at the same time. The most useful multitasking set-up is the one apple calls. Splits view – which is highly efficient but far from discoverable. Once you will know and. Find it and how you can use it -Split View is the very strongest tool for not just viewing two applications at the same time. But it is also very interactive with both for its nature and substance. Dragging, moving pictures from one to another is now much easier than earlier. Let’s see how this feature works on iPad :

How to Set Up a Split View?

  1. Let’s open an application on iOS there are now showing three little dots. At the top of the center of that application.
  2. Now if u click there you will get some options. How do you want that application to be arranged on the screen?
  3. The first option if we press then it will appear to full screen by default settings. But next after that shows two other options in which one will indicate to split-screen. And the other one will indicate you to go into Slide Over.
  4. So we will go to choose the option which is showing the split-screen in a keynote. By pressing that middle option, but rather than filling half the screen it is almost off completely.
  5. That’s because you can now choose other applications. On the left-hand side corner of the screen of your iPad,
  6. Whether it be from the dock, from your home screen. Or even in the new application library section. Like I am going to choose Safari from my home screen. And that will open it up in Split Screen beside keynote.
  7. Now I am in split Screen mode I can choose those three dots again. On either application to change the screen layout of my windows.

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How to Use the Dock to Invoke the Split View?

How to Arrange a Split View?

For arranging or adjusting the level of the screen the real size is given over to the application in split view, then drag or move the application divider to the left or right side. 

  For turning into a split section application into a single view application then press the multitasking button I.e three dots at the upper side of the application, then press the slide button which is partially filled not fully full. Then simultaneously touch and hold the multitasking button, then move the application onto another application. If you want to close the split view, then simply tap the multitasking option shown at the top of the screen that you wish to want to keep on, then tap on fully framed which was filled partially earlier, another way is that drag that application divider over the application that you do not want to use you can close that application.

How You Can Replace an Application in Split View?

At the top of the application, you want to remove or replace it, simply swipe down from the multitasking button. The application will drop down and the other application which you were using will move to the side to show the home screen.

Choose or press the replace application on your screen or in the dock, and it will show side by side with the previously opened application in the split-screen view.

How to Go Back to Full Screen?

 When in a split-screen view, you can remove or replace any application add or expand the other goes to in full-screen mode. There are ways you can do these easy ways.

Drop or move the centre divider from the left or the right of the screen.

Then press the multitasking option at the above of the application which you want to use in full-screen mode.

After that touch and hold the multitasking button at the top of the application you wish to want to use drag that to the centre of the screen until its name and icon show properly if you are seeing that icon is showing then simply release it.

I tried my best to provide you with a piece of detailed information about the How to Split Screen on iPad. If you want to share something related with us and our 1lakh followers, feel free to share with us in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section below. 

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