How to Stop Laptop From Overheating With Reasons And Preventions

Oh! No! Your laptop is overheating.

It is such a big problem and you want to know how to stop laptop from overheating?

You just don’t worry. Overheating in laptops is very common. Here, are several reasons for this problem and solutions too.

But, Is solving the problem sufficient? Is this also not important to understand why and how to protect from overheating?

In this article, I am going to share how to stop laptops from overheating also, what factors cause overheating?

Along with, which steps need to be taken care of next time. 

If you did not fix this problem this may cause permanent damage to your pc. 

How to Stop Laptop from Overheating?

Usually, the laptop overheats because of internal hardware problems. Also, sometimes the most common problem which people face is caused by a lack of adequate airflow within the machine. 

But, overheating does not mean there is some major issue. if it overheated again and again. Then, it may cause. There are several reasons with solutions. Let us get started.

How to Stop Laptop From Overheating

Why Does My Computer Heat So Easily?

Reasons why my computer overheated?

  1. Air vents: Due to low airflow. Your pc may overheat like when you place your pc on bed, lap or pillow. It reduces airflow. Which results overheating
  2. Dust: dust, dirt means small unwanted particles present in our surroundings. Which can hinder your laptop fan. And cause overheating
  3. Internal hardware: there may be a problem with the battery or decaying thermal paste. Both are responsible for cooling down pc. 

How Do I Know if My Laptop Is Overheating?

According to research in Hampshire College said laptop temperature does not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to know if your laptop is overheating. 

  • Load: Your laptop starts taking a long time to complete the task
  • Freeze: If any application or program freezes up it might be because of overheating. 
  • Accessories response: Your laptop accessories like mouse, the keyboard  may stop working when overheats
  • Reboot: Your laptop may shut down itself while working and be unable to restart within a few minutes. 
  • Warning: You may et an unexpected warning message or popup appears on your laptop screen. 
  • Fan: When your laptop starts overheating you can check it by placing a hand over it. If it is working or not? 

laptop heat

How To Cool Down Laptop From Heating?

Here, are a few steps you must follow. 

Clean the fan: You can clean your fan by checking by placing a hand over it. If it is not working that means dust particles have zam your fan. Nor, your laptop has broken down. Now, it needs to be cleaned or needs replacement. You can clean it by opening the system. If there are dust particles just clean it up and if you feel the fan is broken. Replace it. 

Note: If you feel assured in opening your system then go for it at your risk. Either call a professional. 

Use a lap desk: As I have discussed above. When you place the laptop on the bed, pillow. It attracts all the dust particles which create overheating. And also do not allow air to pass. When you use a lap desk it is having a rubber foot on the bottom which provides standard and allow airflow to pass. Helps your laptop not to overheat.

Intense Processes: When you use an intense process it overloads the CPU. Which overheats your laptop. And results in damage. Avoid using intense processes. The CU becomes heater and fan speed increases. Let us discuss how to maintain fan speed. 

Maintain Fan Speed: Regular use of a laptop may increase your fan speed. You can maintain or control it by using Speed Fan for windows. There are so many apps. You can use any of them. It takes care when CPU comes to an overload

How to prevent the laptop from overheating?

“Prevention is better than cure” every one of us heard that quote so many times. But do you know when you implement it in real life no solution is better than this? If you don’t let your device overheat. Then obviously you do not need any solution, right?

Let us start

  1. Clean your vents immediately. If you find any dust near that. It may harm your fan
  2. Make your room temperature cooler. 
  3. Let air pass through your vents by uncovering them. 
  4. Use a cooling pad. It will make your laptop temperature cooler. 

How To Stop Laptop From Overheating While Gaming?

Overheating while gaming may happen because of overload and the laptop is not able to accept that load. You can connect your laptop to the charger while gaming which will provide it with enough power to accept the load.

Gaming overloads your device as they are loaded with heavy graphics you can use a cooling pad to cool them. Or you can maintain a room temperature cooler.

Note: These tricks only work temporarily until the main problem does not get fixed on your pc. 

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