10 Ways to Tell if Someone Is Spying on Your iPhone: How to Stop Them?

How to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone? Spying is one of the scariest things as anyone can see your personal details. And know what you are doing right now and where you are and what is your secrets. Keeping your personal details private is the most important thing. You should never share your personal things, especially passwords with anyone even when you trust that person the most as you never know who can spy on you and know your personal details. 

how to tell if someone is spying on your iphone

How to Tell if Someone Is Spying on Your iPhone?

First of all, would you want your data to be stolen, my hacker? Nowadays the cases of hackers and spying on someone’s phone has been increased. Because of this the privacy of smartphone users are under attack by hackers. Nowadays it is becoming  impossible to be safe online as  there are many click baits there.

Because of which you can share your personal information without your knowledge. Click baits can be like popups, a message from an unknown person. Can be a link in which they say if you click on this link you are awardee by 5000 rupees just like that. And many of us become their prey as many of us don’t have knowledge regarding this.

You can find this by going to setting to General > VPN Device Management to get to know that your device is being operated by someone else or not.

If someone is spying on you they can misuse your personal data for anything like some fraud and more.

how to tell if someone is spying on your iphone

How someone can spy on your iPhone ?

Nowadays there are many ways to spy on someone’s phone and because of the evolution of technology, it’s becoming easier and easier day by day. 

Basically, there are three main ways to spy on someone’s iPhone and these three ways include:-

  • Spy for free with Apple ID:- in this method someone just needs your apple id to manipulate or spy on you so be aware before sharing your apple id. 

If someone has your apple id and password then that person can merge your account with their iPhone with ease. 

  • By using iPhone spy app that is (mspy):- this mspy app is the most used app in 2022 because of this app it’s made easy to spy on someone you just need their phone and apple id and you can install this application from apple store and login with there personal information and then every small detail of that person you can spy. Also makes sure you never let someone install unwanted apps on your phone. 
  •  Spying on iPhone with recovery stick:- the person who wants to spy on you is just need a laptop, recovery stick and temporary access to the targeted iPhone. So when you give your phone for repair make sure you don’t share any personal details that can make it easy to spy on your phone. 

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 Ways to find out if someone is spying:-

  • Unusual battery discharge:-

If your battery percentage is rapidly decreasing with being used that can be a signal that someone is spying or someone is installing and spying app in your iPhone because these apps drain battery while being in use. 

  • Suspicious phone call noises:-

If someone had installed a spying app on your iPhone and you are talking with someone then there will be weird noises in the background so be sure not to ignore those things, because your call may be being heard by someone else. 

  • Excessive data usage:-

Basically, the spying app share or send the information to the hackers so it needs data to share so the data is being used is yours so be careful if that happens with you. 

  • Pop-ups:-

If you randomly start getting unwanted pop-ups, so make sure not to cluck on that pop-up that can be click baits that can cause the share of personal details. 

  • Phone performance slows down:-

Because of the rapidly using of spying apps can cause of slow down of performance of your device and make sure to uninstall unwanted apps that are not being used by you especially. 

  • The presence of Cydia:-

It is hard for any hacker to break malware software unless it’s Jailbroken. 

The presence of Cydia makes your phone temperatures high means your device start having heating issues without playing any game or using any hard software. 

  • Unexpected reboot:-

If suddenly your iPhone is being rebooted many times by itself without your concern while using then it can be a sign that someone is spying on your iPhone. Imagine if someone is able to reboot then imagine what that person can do with your phone, so be careful. 

  • Suspicious files:-

This can be another way for you to check whether your phone is being spayed or not. You just have to check for suspicious files on your iPhone. Then you just have to delete it and clear the junk off your phone. 

how to tell if someone is spying on your iphone

  • Difficulties in shutting down your iPhone:-

If you are trying to shut down your device and are not able to do that, that can mean. Your phone is merged with someone else’s phone and that is why you are not able to shut it down, so make sure to get rid of that problem. 

  • Prolonged shutdown duration:-

Your device takes more time than usual during shutdown then it can mean that some apps are still running without. You knowing that it makes your shutdown process slow. So it can be a sign that your phone is getting spayed. 

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