Wondering if you can disable Amber Alerts?

The good thing about technology is that it allows you to handle various tragedies in many aspects. One of them is Amber Alerts.  Child Abduction Emergency or Amber Alerts is an emergency message that you will receive when a child goes missing in your area.

However, such kinds of messages are essential, these can be disruptive too. Therefore, I am going to tell you, how to turn off amber alerts on your smartphone using simple tips. But before you turn off Amber Alerts, I want to tell you this message is a very serious announcement that clearly screams for help. So, consider this before you proceed to turn off Amber alerts on your smartphone.

How to Turn Off Amber Alerts

How to Disable Amber Alerts?

The steps of disabling Amber alerts are straightforward and very few. Although, different devices hold different settings that get you in on to the point where you need to explore your devices’ settings.

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How do I turn off Amber Alerts on my Samsung device?

Your Samsung device might have different settings than the other devices.

So, I want to tell you the very easy process to Samsung amber alert turn off. Follow these steps below:

emergency alerts on Samsung phone

Method 1

  1. First, you need to open the messages application.
  2. Do you see the three dots menu icon next to the search button? Tap on that.
  3. Now, head to the settings.
  4. Find emergency alert history and click on the three-dot button.
  5. Tap on settings and find the Amber alerts option.
  6. Once you find it, you can turn it off.

Method 2

  • Head to the settings on your Samsung device to turn Amber alerts off.
  • Now, go into the notifications.
  • Search for advanced settings and then, hit the wireless emergency alerts.
  • Find the Amber alerts option and turn it off.

Now, you know, how to turn off emergency alerts Samsung. Tell your friends as well.

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How do I turn off Amber Alerts on my OnePlus Device?

Got yourself a OnePlus device? It’s nice.

You can easily turn off Amber alerts on OnePlus device by following the below steps:

  1. Head to your settings and scroll down to look for the app and notifications.
  2. Do you see wireless emergency alerts? Tap on that.
  3. You will find the Amber alerts option in wireless emergency alerts. Toggle it off.

How to Stop Amber Alerts on iPhone? 

If you are an iOS user, I am going to tell you the simple steps on how to see emergency alerts on an iPhone:

emergency alerts on an iPhone

  • Go into the settings and click on notifications.
  • Scroll down and find AMBER Alerts.
  • Now, you can toggle it off or on, as per your requirement.

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In conclusion

As we have explored the whole article, you will realize those different devices might hold slightly different methods, but all the Android or iPhones follow the simple steps to turn off Amber alerts. If the above steps do not show any Amber alerts on your device, then I want to tell you that Amber alerts are not a thing in your country.

Now that you understand how to turn off amber alerts, share your feedback in the comment section.


How do I permanently turn off Amber Alerts?

You are allowed to turn off Amber Alerts permanently by switching the button to the left. You can find Amber Alerts in Setting > Wireless Emergency alerts (On Android)/ Notifications (On iPhone) > Amber Alerts.

How do I know if there is an AMBER Alert?

You can check if there is an AMBER Alert by exploring the settings and then emergency alerts on your android phone. However, most of the countries have no Amber Alert feature provided on mobiles.

How to Manage AMBER Alerts on Pixel 5?

For instance, you will not have to follow the complicated steps to disable the Amber alerts on pixel devices.

Follow the few simple steps and turn off Amber alerts:

  1. First, you need to open the settings menu on your device.
  2. Scroll down and find the safety and emergency option.
  3. Tap on the safety and emergency and then find the wireless emergency alerts.
  4. When you enter into the wireless emergency alerts, look for the option of Amber Alerts.
  5. Once you find it, you can turn it off.

See, it was very simple to disable Amber alerts on pixel devices.