How to turn off the Restricted mode want on YouTube?

YouTube is an online video streaming platform. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim are the founders of YouTube. It was launched 17 years ago on February 14, 2005. YouTube is owned by Google. Over the last decade, YouTube has made a well-known presence in the social media platform for small babies to old citizens. We can say it is used by every age of a person. After a google search, YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet. 

In this article, I am sharing with you few simple steps. How user can turn off the Restricted mode want on YouTube. Well, you are at the right place. I will guide you. How to disable restricted mode on YouTube.

 Mass uses it for plenty of reasons like for entertainment they can listen to songs, videos, and movies. After the entertainment part, they can educate themselves without an age limit and the most vital things to be noticed. It is that everything is free of cost without even a single cost on YouTube. However, you will need an internet to use it.  

On YouTube, there are two types of content: immature and mature content. So basically, mature content is restricted to less than 18. Mostly, with governmental internet connections, Restricted Mode is set to turn on automatically by the Network Administrator 

Since 2010 YouTube has been given the optional service of restricted mode on YouTube. It can be easily enabled or disabled with a single click. Most of the time it is enabled if you are using a gadget given by a public institution like a library, school, or any organization. In many cases, especially with public internet connections when you are using public internet connections.  

Restricted mode is set and turned on automatically by the network administrator. If you are using the family google account for YouTube or using someone’s account. You will not be able to turn off restricted mode because you do not have a supervisor account to change the settings on YouTube 

 Restricted Mode allows account holders to filter out the content, that the user doesn’t want to use. This filters out potentially mature content on YouTube like titles, descriptions, and age restrictions. It also stops the comments on all videos, even the ones you’re able to watch.  

 Makers have plenty of options when they upload content on YouTube channels. To avoid video being removed by YouTube, they must have you follow the rules to the government guidelines. So, if their content contains adult content, harmful or sexual then they have to be marked as mature content. So, with the simple use of this option. YouTube will suggest their views according to their interest. If they have activated the restricted mode, then they will not see mature content. On the other hand, if not then viewers will see without filter content.  

Here are some steps which you will need to do to turn off Restricted mode on YouTube.  

How to turn off the restricted Mode on YouTube?  

Before the steps, you will need to log into the YouTube account.  

                     This is a very easy and quick process. It will take only a few clicks, or I just say “1 minute” to complete. Whether you are using a mobile app or using it on pc, or laptop. Here are some steps: –   

  1. Firstly, go to and click on the top right side of the screen. In other words, click on the profile icon. 

        2. Now, you see a lot of options that have come after clicking on the profile icon like your account, switch account, sign out, and languages and you see the restricted mode option on which we are working. Click on the restricted mode option.  


        3.  After clicking on it you will see the below image, Which I have added for your better understanding. Now you will see a turn-on and off button with the name “ACTIVATE RESTRICTED MODE”.   

As you can see, the restricted mode is ON in the above image after clicking on it. It will be turned off.  

        4. This is the last and final step. After doing it you will be able to watch        videos without a content filter. After clicking on the blue button. It will go to the left from the right and you are done. Yes, this is as simple as it looks.   

Here, you go, your work is done. The restricted mode is turned off. As you can see it has turned from blue to black. However, if you are using a family google account or someone’s account to use YouTube. In that case, you might not be able to turn off restricted mode. For that, you need to have that account for holding to change the settings according to your wishes.  

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